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Global Information Technology offers I.T. Training, Staffing and Consulting Services since 1999. Global I.T. is a State-Certified Training School dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective and job-oriented, instructor-led as well as remote live trainings to the local community and business enterprises. Global I.T. offers state of the art desktop computing along with a certified curriculum to provide you with the best training possible.

We have several financial aid options available to those that qualify, including:
Veteran Post- 9/11 GI Bill® Benefits, Voc Rehab, Michigan Works! Grants, WIOA, TAA, PATH, WIOA Youth (18-24) benefits, MRS, UAW, Student Loans.

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  • Lisa Majewski

    Lisa Majewski04-02-02

    I started training at Global I.T. in January of 2002 with the Web Pro course, then after successfully completing that course, I elected to take the Java Pro. I liked my instructors because they were always willing to help before and after class, as well as by appointment. The material was good because it explained things in depth and they did a good job covering the material as w[...]

  • David Warner

    David Warner03-05-02

    I began taking the Windows 2000 MCSE track in June of 2001. I decided to check out GIT after hearing an ad on the radio, and after viewing the facilities I signed up immediately. I attended classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the class ended in February 2002. I chose the MCSE course because I was very taken with System Administration. I already had experience with Windows [...]

  • Kalyani Patel

    Kalyani Patel03-01-01

    I enrolled for the Oracle Database Pro at Global Information Technology in the Spring of 2001. I felt very comfortable as the instructors were Oracle Certified Professionals who are sincere, friendly, and very helpful. I was impressed with facility as it was clean, quiet, and used the latest Dell computers, with a fast internet connection; and the location was great! The style o[...]

  • Cedric Porties

    Cedric Porties06/16/03

    My name is Cedric Porties, and I am currently employed as a systems administrator for Electronic data Systems. I was made aware of Global Information Technology from a local computer magazine. After much speculation due to a situation from another private school I previously attended, I decided to go in and speak with a representative. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ma[...]

  • David Hamel

    David Hamel06/28/05

    After being laid-off and getting frustrated looking for work in the current market with outdated AS/400 and Mainframe skills, I decided to visit a few training providers to investigate some tech training to upgrade my skills set. The third one I visited was Global Information Technology. My first impression was very positive. The representative’s passionate commitment to the In[...]

  • Leslie McKenzie

    Leslie McKenzie08/22/05

    After many months of searching for training with all the criteria and professionalism that I was looking for, I was fortunate enough to have been recommended to Global Information Technology. I followed up on the recommendation given to me and went to speak to a representative, who gave me a tour of the facility and detailed information on the classes that are offered there[...]

  • Aubrey Carvine

    Aubrey CarvineAugust 20, 2010

    I just wanted to express my feelings about Global Information Technology and their staff. First let me say I have never encountered an organization that cares about the students as much as GIT. After working many years for an automotive supplier in the auto industry I found myself unemployed, without a degree or any certifications and having difficulty finding another [...]

  • Mike McCain

    Mike McCain03/20/06

    I want to take this opportunity to tell how pleased I am with having selected Global Information Technology for my training.

    About six months ago I requested information from several schools in the Detroit area. After speaking with each of them I chose Global Information Technology. I found your staff very friendly and professional. Your instructors exceptional[...]

  • Jennifer Dudek

    Jennifer Dudek01/19/06

    I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate I am to have found Global Information Technology (GIT). I had been laid off in the spring and was looking for a new job. The Web Program sparked my interest. I have degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design but learning to design web sites was something I knew I could do.

    I started taking classes in Web Professional an[...]

  • Tiffanie Bradley

    Tiffanie Bradley05-01-05

    My name is Tiffanie Bradley; I was a Mainframe Programmer Analyst by profession and was laid off from Compuware Corporation in 2004. I have been in the Information Technology (IT) field for over 15 years and have experienced a successful career. Upon being laid off and seeking further employment, I recognized that my skills were no longer competitive for the current job marketi[...]

  • Stewart Sykes

    Stewart Sykes05-23-07

    Dear Dedicated Staff,

    I am writing to thank all of the hardworking individuals at Global IT. Without your support, it would not have been possible for me to make such a smooth career transition.

    After being laid off from the tool making industry, I had the opportunity to enroll in the program at GIT. With a family to support, it was an awful risk makin[...]

  • Debbie Leveski

    Debbie Leveski10/28/2007

    This is just a note of thanks to you and your staff to express how pleased I am with the education I am receiving from Global Information Technology.

    In March, 2007 I was without employment for the second time within four months. Even though I had a Master of Arts Degree in Education, the lack of current knowledge in technology does not make a candidate competitive in[...]

  • Helen Brown-Horton

    Helen Brown-HortonNovember 20, 2007

    I am pleased to write a letter of reference for Global Information Technology, a premier training school. I attended several classes at Global IT and felt that I was receiving excellent training. The class size was perfect ranging from 4 to 10 students per class. The class timings were great and the instructor worked to accommodate the working professional demanding[...]

  • Vijaykumar Patel

    Vijaykumar PatelDecember 1, 2007

    Global Information Technology 28600, Southfield Road, Suite #103, Lathrup Village, MI 48076

    To whom it may concern:
    I was looking around for a training institution that offered Oracle 10g DBA program. I found only one school that offered this program at the best price and the right fit for me. The school name is Global Information Technology (Global[...]

  • William Dicks

    William DicksDecember 17, 2007

    Global Information Technology
    286000 Southfield Road
    Lathrup Village, Michigan 48076

    Dear Friends,
    I am writing this letter with the utmost sincerest appreciation, respect and regard for the staff and faculty at Global Information Technology. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for everything you have done for me.

    When I began[...]

  • Brandon Mytty

    Brandon Mytty January 11th, 2008

    Dear Global IT,

    I am writing this letter with extreme gratitude and appreciation. In the early spring of 2006 I decided to embark on a journey of your Network Engineering program. I knew the program would take much time and effort on both my part and yours.

    Before I started this program I wanted to make sure that this school would be th[...]

  • David Taylor

    David TaylorMarch 3, 2008

    This letter is recognition of Global Information Technology for their outstanding computer training courses. I have been attending courses at GIobal IT and have recently completed my course work for Microsoft Office Professional. I found the experience to be both enriching and gratifying. The instruction was easy to follow and very thorough. I highly recommend th[...]

  • Lesley Goodwin

    Lesley Goodwin4/25/2008

    My name is Lesley Goodwin and I work in financial services industry as a Marketing and Communication Manager. Over the past two years, I have exchanged emails with GIT while researching several training options. GIT continued to keep me informed of their class outline and when I learned they could coordinate a class around my hectic shedule, I was definitely on board. [...]

  • Adeel Irfan

    Adeel IrfanOctober 13, 2006

    Thank you for changing my life. Before I started Global Information Technology (GIT), I felt like I'd be selling shoes for $7.50 an hour for the rest of my life. My lack of self esteem made me miss out on great opportunities. Your wonderful Network Engineering Professional program and extremely helpful staff helped me to see and tap in to my true potential.

  • Lynda Wilson

    Lynda Wilson10/23/2008

    I am writing this letter today in recommendation of Global Information Technology (GIT).

    In the spring of 2008 I learned that my employment position was being off-shored. Of course this was devastating news. Even though I possess a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, I realized I did not specialize in any specific IT area and that this was holding me back f[...]

  • Katrina Larmon

    Katrina LarmonDecember 18, 2008

    I started attending GIT in January, 2008. Prior to this decision I researched several schools, and found that GIT offers so much more in class opportunities and is the most economical.

    I must be honest, I was quite apprehensive about going back to school; it had been along time since I attended any classes. However I fear more of what my future was[...]

  • Daniel Vitale

    Daniel VitaleDecember 2, 2008

    I'd just like to thank Global IT for getting my career back on track.

    Before joining your school I was at a major crossroads in my life; I had depleted my unemployment benefits and was deciding on which direction to take my career. The economy was making companies close their doors and companies which did take interest in my IT skills were only offering [...]

  • Larry Broaddus

    Larry BroaddusMarch 03, 2009

    It is with great enthusiasm that I write a recommendation for Global Information Technology for the MCTS 70-431- SQL Server 2005 course.

    In that time, I have had the opportunity to receive a thorough understanding of writing SQL statements, stored procedures, triggers, functions and views. Other topics that were very helpful were database design, repli[...]

  • Heather Berry

    Heather BerryMarch 06, 2009

    Thank You, Global IT

    I was an out of work Engineering Technologist from ford motor. With a strong background in Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical. But no jobs. In this bad economy I was quite depressed and decided to do something about it. When your school was recommended I decided to go there and take a look. I liked what I saw and decided to en[...]

  • Jawahar Babu

    Jawahar BabuMarch 16 2009

    I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the expertise shared throughout my studies in Global Information Technology, a superior training institute. I am thankful to all of the hardworking individuals at Global Information Technology especially to my instructors and career advisor. I had Oracle 10g Database Administrator and ASP .Net courses r[...]

  • Ray Hodge

    Ray HodgeMay 11, 2009

    Having stagnated as an IT professional, as well as finding the demands in the market are for later technologies, it became evident that I had to re-tool to remain, indeed become, marketable. I needed a training venue that offered a breadth of curriculums, that was affordable, that was convenient and that was geared to the working individual. I contacted several techno[...]

  • Ralph Cook

    Ralph CookDate: July 13, 2009

    I worked 17 yrs in manufacturing as a Hilo driver, a material processor and 9 yrs as a Quality assurance technician and was let go due to the economy in February 2007. During that time I’d always had a passion for the computing arena so after weighing my options and overcoming the fear that can grip you during a jobless period I began searching for an educational [...]

  • Alicia Binion

    Alicia BinionSeptember 16, 2009

    I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Global Information Technology (GIT). In January 2009, I decided to follow on a Networking program at Global Information Technology (GIT). I researched and reviewed several IT training programs in the Michigan area but found out that GIT gave me so much more for my money and my time.


  • Michael Kurtser

    Michael KurtserDecember 07, 2009

    I was faced with a layoff from my previous employer. Being in the auto industry really made me stop and think about my future. I have always enjoyed working with computers, so I started exploring my options. I was browsing the internet one evening and found Global Information Technology.

    My biggest concern was going back to school after 20 years. I was [...]

  • Steve Hughes

    Steve HughesDecember 23, 2009

    Name: Steve Hughes

    To the Global Information Technology Team,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank your entire team for the excellent IT training that I have received. The hands on training and superb instructing have been invaluable. The staff at GIT has been extremely helpful in all manners.

    When I j[...]

  • Zsombor Zoltan

    Zsombor ZoltanJanuary 12, 2010

    Greetings! I am a currently a student taking courses at Global Information Technology, a company that offers a complete suite of modern, relevant computer software, network and personal computer hardware training. Class sizes are small with extensive hands-on instruction. The company provides instruction in the most up-to-date software and information technologies [...]

  • Timothy Taylor

    Timothy TaylorOctober 7, 2015

    I would like to take this opportunity to show my heart-felt appreciation and my learning experience at Global Information Technology (Global IT). I had recently left the military and was floundering with no real valid prospects and not sure what my next steps would be. I met with a knowledgeable Global IT Career Advisor who assessed my talents and I decided to I enr[...]

  • Marcus Thompson

    Marcus Thompson5/13/2010

    Dear Global IT,

    I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for your expert teaching and support that have helped me transition into a career in information technology. When I began taking classes in August of 2009, I had been unemployed for over a year, and job prospects in the insurance industry were slim. Your staff took the time to work with me on a program [...]

  • Sandy Skrbina

    Sandy SkrbinaMay 28, 2010

    I would like to thank you for the great experience I had with the "Java Professional" course taught by our knowledgeable instructor. He was very patient with us when explaining programming concepts that are new to the Java Language. He pointed out topics that will be covered in the Certification exam that will help prepare us to study in a more efficient manne[...]

  • Sid Stoffer

    Sid StofferJuly 9, 2010

    Dear Global Information Technology:

    I am currently attending classes at Global Information Technology in the Enhanced Oracle Certified Professional DBA program funded by the State of Michigan "No Worker Left Behind" grant. I have attended the 10G Oracle Certified Professional (OCP DBA) classes in the October 2009- March 2010 period. This coursework is com[...]

  • Ebenezer Aniapam

    Ebenezer Aniapam3/2/2011

    I just want to say “Thank You” to Global Information Technology for getting me to where I am now. My place of work, Raytech, was permanently closed and all employees including myself were laid off in the beginning of 2005. I was introduced to Global Information Technology by the Southfield Unemployment office to take e-commerce course which includes Sun Certified Java Pro[...]

  • William Kolis

    William KolisMarch 25, 2011

    In December 2008, I found myself parting ways with my employer of the last 22 years. I had become rather specialized in the Lotus Notes field and found that computer skill no longer in high demand and the entire IT job market rather depressed.

    Several months later, I became aware of Global Information Technology and the programs that it had to offer in net[...]

  • Willie M. Williams

    Willie M. WilliamsApril 11, 2011

    My name is Willie M. Williams, I became unemployed after nine years of service to one of the big three companies in April 2009. The majority of my department (ISS) was terminated indefinitely. I thought to myself, ok, I’ll just find another job in the IT field because I knew I had a Master’s degree (even post-doctoral credits) and was well experienced to qualify. Afte[...]

  • Anthony Castleberry

    Anthony CastleberryApril 21, 2011

    I spent years working as an electrical technician for a tier one automotive supplier. Recently with the down turn with the big 3, my job like many others became very unstable and I spent a lot of time laid off or underemployed. After filing for unemployment for the third time that year I spoke with a career advisor who told me about the No Worker Left behind program. It[...]

  • Jon Tarlo

    Jon TarloApril 25, 2011

    I am a recent hire at CRC and subcontracted though the Department of Defense. This is the best job I have ever had my whole life thus far; and this is just the start of my Information Technology (IT) career. Previous to this I was a Sheet Metal fabricator at various sheet metal companies in the Detroit Metro Area. After several layoffs and periods of unemployment I deci[...]

  • Mister Jackson

    Mister Jackson05/24/11

    I got an Associate degree In Electronics Engineering Technology in 1996. The results I got from getting that degree were good; however, I had been laid off several times within a time frame of 14 years. The last time I got laid off, I thought about my continued interest in computer technology and the lack of qualified individuals in this field in Michigan and decided to go ba[...]

  • Timothy Hughes

    Timothy HughesJuly 21, 2011

    I would like to express why I would recommend Global Information Technology (Global-itech) to anyone who wishes to further their career in the Information Technology.

    I have been in the IT field for over twenty years. In July of 2010, HP made the decision to reduce their staff and subsequently gave me only two months to find other opportunities within HP. [...]

  • Donna Zarzycki

    Donna ZarzyckiJan 27, 2012

    I was in the legal field for over 20 years (Secretary promoted to Paralegal). After being laid off from my last position, I decided I needed a change. I had used databases as a front end user during my legal field and was really interested in learning more. My passion for computers and database interest pushed me further to explore my career options in the Information T[...]

  • John Parkinson II

    John Parkinson II1/19/2011

    I am writing this letter to inform you of my satisfaction with my son’s ( John Parkinson II) learning experience at Global Information Technology. He enrolled in your A+ , MCSE 2003 and CCNA programs in August 2007. The training provided by Global Information Technology became the foundation for his now growing IT career.

    After earning the A+ certification and[...]

  • Sonal Shirodkar

    Sonal ShirodkarJuly 24, 2012

    Through this letter I want to thank Mr. Manish Modi and Global information Technology ( GIT) for helping me restart my career. I was working in the IT field and took a break for family reasons. After being a full time mom for 11 years, I recently decided to restart my career and wanted to get myself trained in ASP .NET. During my search for training institutions, I was[...]

  • Robert Franklin

    Robert FranklinI wanted to take an opportunity to provide an update on my career since deciding to take classes with Global Information Technology.

    As you know, after nearly 15 years with a major player in the field of IT solutions, I was laid off from my job in December of 2008. After taking stock of what I needed to do to get back into the IT field, I decided that I would need to spruce up my c[...]

  • Nalini Sanku

    Nalini SankuOct 11, 2012

    I wish to thank GIobal Information Technology for helping me restart my career after taking a break of almost 8-9 years. During my career break, I had not kept my skills updated and before getting back into my career search, I decided to get re-trained. While researching the training institutions, in late 2009, I came across GIT and based on the reviews about the instit[...]

  • Nicole Walker

    Nicole WalkerJanuary 3, 2013

    First I would like to thank GIT staff for all their support. Before I started at Global Information Technology (GIT). I had no IT experience and I was searching for a career that I enjoyed as well as one that would allow me to raise my two children as a single parent. At the time I was not sure if I could handle trying to be a single parent, working a minimal wag[...]

  • Deb Lasko

    Deb Lasko02/18/2013

    In mid-2012, I was at a cross-road in my life after being informed that the position I held for over 11 years was being eliminated. I realized then that my skills needed to be updated to take me into a new line of work. That's when I met one of your career advisors at Detroit career fairs. After talking with her for a few minutes, she understood completely the new path I w[...]

  • De McCadney

    De McCadney6/6/2013

    I am writing you this letting in praise of GIT, its wonderful staff and the learning experience I had in my time there.

    I have been an IT professional for 10+ years but never took the time to obtain any credentials or certifications along the way. When I finally decided it was time to do so, GIT was there to make the experience easy and straightforward. I was[...]

  • Shazia Rashid

    Shazia Rashid10/30/2013

    I got married young, had two amazing boys. At age 31 I found myself at a low paying job as an Office Assistant that wasn't challenging me at all. So I visited Global IT and met with the Director. After looking at my background and doing a personal assessment, he suggested I become a Business Analyst(BA).

    I was very skeptical in the beginning because I di[...]

  • Randy Schales

    Randy SchalesMay 6, 2014

    After suffering through unemployment for over a year with a bleak outlook for future employment opportunities in the Criminal Justice field that offered no upward mobility, I made the decision to return to school for some needed updated IT skills and current certifications. I selected Global Information Technology for my updated training.

    I started my car[...]

  • David Gough

    David Gough5/7/2014

    I was a Computer Technician with a major Corporation for 33 years when organization downsizing impacted my career. After 33 years, it was hard to fathom unemployment not to mention what to do next. I was angry, frustrated, and upset! After a few calming days of contemplation and a few weeks of unsuccessful job searches, I realized that an update to my technical skills co[...]

  • Ripon Uddin

    Ripon UddinJuly 8, 2014

    I was fascinated to work as an IT Technology Professional since grade school, but I had no clue where to start. After graduating from a community college with a degree in Computer Information Systems, I still found myself confused to jump right into IT career without accruing sufficient amount of knowledge and hands on experience. There were times I spent my own wealth o[...]

  • Eddie Henderson

    Eddie Henderson Oct 13, 2014

    It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Global Technology Information (GIT) to any technical inclined person who is seeking to become a top-notch Information Technology Technician (ITT). GIT is a unique technology school that I had the pleasure of attending. It is true that it is dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective training to the local community an[...]

  • Ruth Byrd

    Ruth Byrd 3/12/2015

    My name is Ruth Byrd. I would like to take this opportunity to convey the meaningful connections between my professional past and the skills that I acquired from the Global IT training experience. Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support that is so eagerly shared for our growth,[...]

  • Garrett Mason

    Garrett Mason 7/6/2015

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for providing the training and resources needed to get my career in Information Technology (IT) off to a great start. Having experienced a variety of jobs previously - including a stint as a Mortgage Officer for a large local Bank, and my prior Military service, so I had not prepared myself for a career in IT[...]

  • Keith Campbell

    Keith Campbell3/29/2016

    I am writing this letter to inform you of my learning experience at Global Information Technology. I enrolled into your Network +, Security +, Linux +, SQL, Oracle 12C Database Administrator, MCSA 2012, CCNA, Web Pro, and Microsoft Office 2013 classes from March 2015 through June 2016. Immediately, I was impressed with the learning environment, class materials, fellow stud[...]

  • Racha Ramdan

    Racha Ramdan7/8/2016

    Dear Manish:

    I'd just like to thank you and Global Information Technology for getting my career back on the right track.

    I had been unemployed for nearly 2 years after being laid off from ACCESS and I have been trying to find the right job. Couple months after applying to the unemployment, Michigan Works office approved me training grants under WIO[...]

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Global Information Technology will help you gain the technology skills that companies are demanding. Whether you are looking to change careers, update IT skills, or advanced in your current career we have the right IT training for you. We have help fuel ambitious goal driven people by providing the technology training most demanded by companies looking to hire and retain top technology talent.

Change can be intimidating, but our certified courses make your learning experience exciting. Our Performance Based Training strategy ensures your success and prepares you for a fulfilling IT career at your pace and on your schedule.

Global IT can help you prepare for a career as a:

  • Application Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • E-commerce professional
  • Help Desk Support Specialist
  • Java Programmer
  • Microsoft Office Specialist
  • Network Administrator
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  • Oracle Certified Professional
  • Office Supervisor
  • Office Administrative
  • PC Technician
  • Project Manager
  • Security Professional
  • Software Programmer
  • Technical Support
  • Web Designer
  • Web Master
  • Wireless Administrator

Let Global Information Technology upgrade your employees with the most current certifications and skills proven to keep your entire company on the cutting edge of technology while maintaining productivity. We've trained employees from a very diverse group of companies with excellent performance enhancing results. Training with us increases employee efficiency, provides measurable improvement for your training dollars, and develops learning plans known to increase employee effectiveness.

Corporate IT learning resources include an account management team available to analyze, develop and implement learning programs that fit your company's needs. We provide professional subject matter experts to develop custom learning and technology solutions to help you achieve long-term growth in technology. We provide a client support professional to assist with scheduling, registration and billing, plus reporting to track the effectiveness of your IT learning investment.

Global Information Technology can help you reach and establish your technology goals very cost effectively. We understand the unique issues and skill requirements of our military and government agencies. For 14 years we have provided certified training courses that coincide with military and government agencies that improve operation efficiency, optimize cyber security efforts, and meet requirements for specific Department of Defense job Directives. Global Information Technology has the cyber-security solution training expertise to thoroughly train Department of Defense (DoD) personnel and contractors to comply with the very specific certification requirements of Directive 8570.

Our suite of Directive 8570 solutions:

  • Baseline Certification training for personnel performing
  • Continuous Education/Sustainment training to maintain certification status and further develop skills
  • Certification training for specific operating system environments
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