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The Cloud is changing the face of corporate IT, and also they are changing the workplace for the IT professional. Why will companies want to shift to Cloud computing technologies?

  • Companies no longer need to purchase, store and maintain expensive network equipment, reducing the resources involved in maintaining, updating and repairing their own server hardware and software. Cloud providers deliver the software via the internet, ensuring that the software comes with the latest patches and security installed every time you connect to the cloud.
  • Companies become more agile because they are able to grow or shrink computing resources as demand increases or decreases, paying only for the resources they actually use. This prevents companies from having to pay more to build bigger servers in order to handle the occasional end of month demand on their servers or the seasonal spikes in demand for their products
  • Remote employees can easily access necessary applications via the Internet from any location, using their mobile and handheld computing devices increasing both their efficiency and the ability to collaborate from their desk and on the go.
  • With custom applications, companies can turn their services into products that customers can access via the Internet. Companies can sell the  application or functionality via the cloud to other customers who are also in need of that service.

A Corporate “No Cloud” policy will soon be as rare as a “No Internet” policy. As more companies continue to adopt cloud technologies there becomes a growing demand for skilled Cloud Computing professionals. So this is the right time to get a cloud computing certification and to learn, certify and migrate to Cloud-based solutions. Don’t get left behind.

Global Information Technology works with leading cloud technology providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure to provide you high quality and valuable new skills and stay ahead in the competitive market.

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