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Adeel Irfan

Thank you for changing my life. Before I started Global Information Technology (GIT), I felt like I'd be selling shoes for $7.50 an hour for the rest of my life. My lack of self esteem made me miss out on great opportunities. Your wonderful Network Engineering Professional program and extremely helpful staff helped me to see and tap in to my true potential. When I first started the Network Engineering program, I was a little skeptical in its success and G.I.T’s staff. After sitting through yours course with a balanced knowledge of practical and theory, I feel fortunate to be here in GIT. I am currently going through my second last module of MCSE 2003, I have not attained a single certification, however, I’ve already found a great paying I.T related job with Blue Cross Blue Shield as a Administrator. I cannot believe how much my life has changed in the past 4 or 5 months; I have high self esteem and a great job, life is great. When things couldn’t get worse G.I.T served as a silver lining over my dark clouds. I highly recommend this school to anyone who feels trapped in their job. G.I.T provides their students with all the tools they need to succeed. G.I.T’s friendly staff makes you feel like family; this school’s atmosphere is completely different from any other schools I have attended in the past. Thank you G.I.T, please continue to change lives!!!!!!!!

Alicia Binion

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Global Information Technology (GIT). In January 2009, I decided to follow on a Networking program at Global Information Technology (GIT). I researched and reviewed several IT training programs in the Michigan area but found out that GIT gave me so much more for my money and my time. Since I walked through the doors of GIT, the staff has been very helpful and supportive of my IT career. All of my professors are certified, passionate and very knowledgeable about the course they are teaching. The course and my professors have helped to make me more professional and have greatly upgraded my computer skills; so that I can be more marketable as an IT professional and adequately compete in this very demanding workforce. Another great thing about GIT is that they offer day and night classes 7 days a week. GIT class schedules are very flexible and are sure to fit anyone’s hectic life. If you’re a person who’s always on the go, have kids and/or maybe even a career, GIT classes and staff will work around your schedule to help you continue and finish up your IT training. My experience at GIT has been very positive and I would recommend GIT to any beginner and/or IT professional who may be looking for a career change or even just a refresher course.

Anita Singhal

I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude towards Global Information Technology for providing me with excellent training.   My experience with Global IT has been nothing short of exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking professional development in the field of information technology. From the moment I enrolled in QA/Software Testing training with Automation program, I was impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism displayed by the instructor. My instructor possesses a deep understanding of the subject matter and are able to deliver the content in a clear and concise manner. He has a remarkable ability to break down complex concepts into easily digestible modules, ensuring that even the most intricate topics become comprehensible. Moreover, the hands-on approach adopted by Global IT played a pivotal role in enhancing my learning experience. The practical exercises and real-world scenarios presented during the training allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in a practical setting. This not only reinforced my understanding but also instilled confidence in my ability to tackle real-world IT challenges. Furthermore, I was particularly impressed by the support and guidance provided by the Global IT team. The student service staff members are responsive, approachable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive learning experience. Whether I had questions about the coursework, needed additional resources, or sought career advice, the Global IT team was readily available to assist me. In conclusion, I cannot speak highly enough of Global Information Technology. Their commitment to excellence, comprehensive training programs, knowledgeable instructors, and exceptional support make them a standout institution in the field of IT training.   I wholeheartedly recommend Global IT to anyone seeking top-notch training in information technology. Sincere gratitude to Mr. Manish Modi (Sr. Director of Global IT) who provided full support & guidance for setting up success in my IT career.   Thank you.   Anita

Annie M. Sadecki

September 28, 2021 The skills I obtained from the Project Management Professional and the Business Analyst class from GIT were phenomenal. After over a year off due to COVID pandemic, I was able to further my education with these two wonderful classes, which were cross functional for me as what I learned in the one class (PMP certification) was only reiterated and expanded up on in the Business Analyst class and vice versa. I took the classes from May to the end of July 2021, and I started circulating my new résumé in early July. Thanks to the additional skill set gained from these two courses with GIT, I was able to get hired right away from /my second interview. Thank you to all with Global IT who helped make it possible… from the career counseling guidance to the instructors to the career placement to student services. Thank you, Annie M. Sadecki

Anthony Castleberry

I spent years working as an electrical technician for a tier one automotive supplier. Recently with the down turn with the big 3, my job like many others became very unstable and I spent a lot of time laid off or underemployed. After filing for unemployment for the third time that year I spoke with a career advisor who told me about the No Worker Left behind program. It took almost no thought as to what I would like to pursue as a new career, I’ve always been very good with computers and knew that it was a career to pursue. My advisor gave me a brochure for GIT and I had and set up within an hour. I spoke with Account Manager at Global and she basically laid out an entire career pathway with classes , certifications and job placement. By the end of my first meeting at Global I had a plan, a career goal , and a realistic time frame. I started classes within two months and was instantly exposed to varies IT professionals , from all my instructors , job placement ,and even the Director at School. I was set with six courses that would give me 11 certifications by the time I was done all with the budget I had set. Within 7 weeks of starting school I had my first certification and before I finished my courses job placement @ Global found me a position as a System admin for Detroit Public Schools, it all been up hill from there, I currently work for General Motors and I’m pursuing more certification and it all thanks to the team at Global Information Technology.

Aubrey Carvine

I just wanted to express my feelings about Global Information Technology and their staff. First let me say I have never encountered an organization that cares about the students as much as GIT. After working many years for an automotive supplier in the auto industry I found myself unemployed, without a degree or any certifications and having difficulty finding another job related to that industry. I was in need of a career change and I decided the IT field was the area for me. Thanks to the Michigan Works agency I was able to gain assistance accessing funds for IT training. Choosing the right school was a very hard and difficult decision to make seeing as my future was at stake, I can't explain how tough it was going from the bread winner and family provider to not having a job at all. Now I had to make the important decision of choosing the IT training provider that I felt was right for me, remember my future was at stake here and I couldn't afford to get this wrong. I looked at quite a few IT training schools when considering a change in careers and pursuing the training necessary to achieve success. And the one that caught my eye had the slick radio ads, fancy office space they were leasing and exorbitant pricing. Well let me just say they are no longer around, and I know I made the right decision when I chose to get my training at GIT. They not only offered technical training but also provided non IT training workshops covering everything from creating the perfect resume, interviewing techniques to the value of networking, salary negotiation. We all know that they are a business and they must maintain a profit margin that allows them to function, make payroll and stay in business. But with that in mind Global Information Technology still place a very high priority in their students success. The school is flexible with their schedule understanding that some students have to work and things happen. My account manager is a genuine professional who doesn’t just sign you up for a program and walk away. He has an open door and your concerns are his concerns, he will try to do whatever he can to accommodate your situation. And their student services manager is the best, she will go out of her way to see that your needs are met. When I say out of her way I definitely mean out of her way! I can’t say enough about the job placement manager who in my mind is the best at what she does. She has years of experience and has developed many contacts and resources which she utilizes in helping students get their IT careers moving forward. I have witnessed her go above and beyond what is required of her in trying to help students find jobs. Trust me when I say she is the best! The instructors are true professionals who have real workplace experience that are there for you even after you have completed their classes. The state of the art labs are equipped with the latest technology providing the students with a real world work place training environment. The school manager always gave me encouragement and constantly emphasized staying positive and not giving up. Since starting my classes at GIT I have achieved various certifications such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Certified Professional for XP and ISA Server 2006 towards MCSE and Oracle SQL. And I don't plan on stopping there I have many more certifications to obtain in the future. However by obtaining my certifications through Global Information Technology I positioned myself to start a new career in the IT field and now have a new job in IT as a Technical Support Representative. At Global Information Technology I felt like I was family and not just a contract pushed through the door and for that I say thank you to the staff of GIT! Keep up the good work and launching more IT professional careers.

Bradley Freeland

Dear Manish: I wanted to also take this opportunity to thank you, and the Staff at Global IT. You and your staff all really changed my life. I know you all know my story and where I came from and where I am now. If it were not for how you conduct classes, and the extra care you show your students I would not be where I am today. I really do appreciate all that You did for me, and continue to do. You are all Rock Stars! When I started at Global IT, I was Living in a homeless shelter for Veterans. They worked with me to help me attend school, and helped me get placed into a Job, when that first Job did not work out, they helped me recover from that situation to rebound into another Job. The help they gave me allowed me to make the transition from being Homeless to have a Place to live. Their constant support helped me through the very depressing time of being homeless. I would highly reccoment Global Information Technology to anyone that Is interested in getting into the IT Industry. They really changed my life for the better. Bradley Freeland

Brandon Mytty

I am writing this letter with extreme gratitude and appreciation. In the early spring of 2006 I decided to embark on a journey of your Network Engineering program. I knew the program would take much time and effort on both my part and yours. Before I started this program I wanted to make sure that this school would be the right choice and fit for me. I am pleased to say that it definitely was. Your staff was and still remains very friendly, flexible, and informative. Any questions I had were always answered in a timely manner and the instructors I had were always very knowledgeable in the material being covered. Upon recently completing my certification course I was offered a much better position with a large data storage company. The job pays double what I was currently making and is at a much higher knowledgeable scale than what I was currently doing. In conclusion, I would truly like to thank you and GIobal IT for all help, guidance, job placement and providing superior quality service. I am confident to say that choosing this course at your facility rather that going somewhere else was undoubtedly the right decision.

Brian Cancel

While serving in the military I often found myself interested in pursuing a career within IT. Shortly after exiting the military, I started my journey and landed a position as an apprentice with a global consulting firm. I was quickly able to recognize that I was going to need more knowledge than just a web development bootcamp that I had previous attended and completed. I learned that I needed more knowledge of the new emerging technologies in-order to keep my career moving upward in the fast-paced IT industry while making meaningful contributions to both my team and the organization. I started to have second thoughts as I was already engaged during regular school and business hours; I figured it was way too difficult to enroll in school while working full-time. Luckily, I found Global Information Technology, and right away, I felt at ease with the abundance of course offerings, many payment options, and flexible class schedules. I could do an evening schedule which worked perfectly with my work schedule at the time. My experience from start to finish was seamless; everything was transparent and even felt very personalized from day one. The instructors are knowledgeable and bring real-world experience by working with top tech companies. From the beginning, the instructors and staff assisting with the day-to-day operations demonstrated that my success was their top priority. There were constant check-ins that ensured experience and course quality were superb. After completing my first set of courses, I decided to pursue more because it was so seamless. Fast forward to today, I’m now an AWS Certified Solutions Architect specializing in serverless architecture with a web development background. I help guide enterprises to the cloud with their specific cloud needs. I was also able to understand more than just my area of expertise with the many courses offered at Global Information Technology, making me that much more of a stronger contributor within my organization. I attended the AWS course series, network +, sec +, and many within cyber security. Attending Global Information Technology was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made to enhance my career. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do the same. Thank you. Brian Cancel 11/11/2022

Brian Gibson

I was a veteran who wanted to start a second career in IT.  I had a bad experience with another computer training company, which actually had me about ready to quit, I was introduced to Global Information Technology by my VA counselor and the rest is ALL GOOD!   Global IT has been proactive on my behalf since the day we met and I thank him for pushing me, encouraging me and believing in me.  They  assists me with any barriers I have in pursuing my educational goals.   I have taken A+, Networking, Security and am currently in the Microsoft Office 2016 class.   I am learning invaluable skills which I am actually using on a job that I have gotten since starting at Global IT.  My current employer was thrilled when they heard about my course work and educational endeavors.    I could not be happier or prouder to be associated with Global Information Technology and would recommend this organization to anyone based on my personal experience with them.  TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONALS.   I am very satisfied and have found a HOME at GLOBAL IT!

Cedric Porties

My name is Cedric Porties, and I am currently employed as a systems administrator for Electronic data Systems. I was made aware of Global Information Technology from a local computer magazine. After much speculation due to a situation from another private school I previously attended, I decided to go in and speak with a representative. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made, as I have been exposed to the latest technology and hands on training in their classes. I’m enrolled in the MCSE program for Windows 2000, and as of March 26, 2003 became a Microsoft Certified Professional. I highly recommend the training offered at Global Information Technology to anyone looking to either begin a career or increase their knowledge of the IT industry, and I am telling of my friends about GIT. Cedric Porties, MCP Systems Engineer Electronic Data Systems

Christopher B. Amara, Jr.
US Army Veteran

As a United States Army veteran, I participated in four (4) combat tours and a tour of duty to South Korea. I am a three (3) time veteran of Iraq, serving in various capacities in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) I, III and Operation New Dawn (OND) which ended the war in Iraq in December 2011. Additionally, I deployed to Afghanistan for the first time in January 2014. I enlisted in the Army Reserves for some time and enrolled in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Saint John’s University, in Queens New York, in September 1999 and was commissioned on June 2 2001. I was a New York state resident until November 2015, which is when I moved to Michigan to stay.   I made what was probably an audacious and less than sagacious move to come to Michigan without any guarantee of a job, but it was the conversation I had with the Director, Mr. Manish Modi; that motivated me to enroll at Global Information Technology (GIT) for Information Technology (IT) training. The insights he provided me mitigated much of the risk associated with my decision. In all, the instructors are just phenomenal and knowledgeable in their craft. Additionally, the GIT job placement team provided direction and assistance in seeking employment for students who had experience in other areas. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.

Christopher Leimback

I’d like to take my time to thank you and GIT for your wonderful assistance with getting me into a successful IT Career. You and your staff demonstrated great care in ensuring that I was able to be placed in a great job after completing my classes at the school, offering help with resume creation and recommendation letters. With the small class room sizes and great teachers it made the whole learning process a great experience, especially for someone like me who loves to ask a lot of questions. I felt the teacher’s always very knowledgeable due to their real world experience on the subjects and extensive certifications. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do to ensure my life is a success! I am so grateful for all the continued support you and your staff offer me even years after I completed my training. Thank you Global Information Technology for changing my life and made me who I am today – successful IT Professional.

Daniel Vitale

I'd just like to thank Global IT for getting my career back on track. Before joining your school I was at a major crossroads in my life; I had depleted my unemployment benefits and was deciding on which direction to take my career. The economy was making companies close their doors and companies which did take interest in my IT skills were only offering minimum pay. It was then that I realized I needed additional schooling and certifications………. From day one my career advisor at Global IT made things very clear to me and provided a hope that I had not experienced in quite some time. Taking the full networking package (A+, Network +, MCP, MCSA,MCSE 2003 and Security +), I found that not only I was receiving a quality education, but also finding other valuable resources here as well. Global IT help me tremendously in securing funding from Michigan Works! and made the process of enrolling so simple. It was not very long from the time I enrolled that my technical skills were greatly enhanced, and now I am working in the industry as Tech Support that I enjoy earning market value and benefits plus with the opportunity for future advancement. The placement services department worked with me, knowing my situation well and continued to do everything in their power to find what I was looking for. Their hard work paid off. Global IT was very instrumental in preparing me for work, and giving me the confidence I need to actually utilize what I have learned in class. I will not hesitate to let anyone know of the great job you all are doing. Keep it up!

David Gough

I was a Computer Technician with a major Corporation for 33 years when organization downsizing impacted my career. After 33 years, it was hard to fathom unemployment not to mention what to do next. I was angry, frustrated, and upset! After a few calming days of contemplation and a few weeks of unsuccessful job searches, I realized that an update to my technical skills could make me more marketable and employable. With a new resolve, I turned that anger to motivation and a new desire to succeed! I was referred to Global Information Technology (Global IT) and introduced to a program that was “on target” with my goals and aspirations. I made a decision on the to start my re-training as soon as possible. And with a little help from a Michigan Works grant, I began my training as a Network Engineering Professional in January of 2013. Today, I have completed my training in CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, MCITP and CCNA. I have also recently completed industry-level certifications in CompTIA A+ and Network+ and I will complete my MCITP training in a few weeks. Further, I am currently on target to get my CompTIA Security+, and CCNA certifications by the Summer of 2014. I too am amazed at the confidence I have now and even more impressed with the new skills I have acquired. I immediately found a part-time job at Network Dynamics and in January 2014, I was hired to a full-time position in my field with Chrysler Corporation which includes great pay and excellent benefits! I am extremely grateful to Michigan Works for the grant that enabled me to fulfill my dream, and the Global IT Staff for their ongoing support and encouragement which led me to reach my training goals. I now see a bright future ahead!

David Hamel

After being laid-off and getting frustrated looking for work in the current market with outdated AS/400 and Mainframe skills, I decided to visit a few training providers to investigate some tech training to upgrade my skills set. The third one I visited was Global Information Technology. My first impression was very positive. The representative’s passionate commitment to the Information Technology field soon convinced me that I need search no further. Since I was looking to move from my current Mainframe programming skills to newer and more cutting edge work, I signed up for Oracle DBA, Java Pro, Web Pro, and the dot-net courses. Global I.T. was very accommodating to all my needs and was able to supply me with everything I needed. All of my instructors were very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and proficient at communicating the material. When I had questions they were answered thoroughly. I have been very impressed with the value of the training I have received from Global IT and would not hesitate to return for additional training if I ever have the need. In addition, after a few weeks of training I mentioned my Oracle classes during an interview. Three times during the remainder of the interview I was asked questions about my training. I got the job and was told that they had plans to move in the “direction of Oracle”. I am certain that my training was influential to my landing the position. My hat’s off to Global I.T.

David Taylor

This letter is recognition of Global Information Technology for their outstanding computer training courses. I have been attending courses at GIobal IT and have recently completed my course work for Microsoft Office Professional. I found the experience to be both enriching and gratifying. The instruction was easy to follow and very thorough. I highly recommend these courses to any and all professionals that seek to enhance their background and professional integrity. The course material was clear, concise and as enjoyable to learn as any that I have had the pleasure of studying. I would like to take this opportunity to thank entire Global IT team for always being very polite and helpful showing the utmost in professional courtesy for their students. The classrooms were small enough to be conducive to the best possible learning experience. I will take what I have learned and continue to grow in my career interests wherever that path may take me. By no means do I consider myself done with GIobal IT but at the beginning of an increasingly beneficial road to success in achieving my goals.

David Warner

I began taking the Windows 2000 MCSE track in June of 2001. I decided to check out GIT after hearing an ad on the radio, and after viewing the facilities I signed up immediately. I attended classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the class ended in February 2002. I chose the MCSE course because I was very taken with System Administration. I already had experience with Windows NT and 2000, but the training that I got at GIT was invaluable. I had my own personal hard drive and worked with every aspect of the material we were studying hands-on. I took my first test on February 28th, and through July 2nd passed the remaining six. I was very motivated by the staff to excel, and I was the first member of my class to become fully certified. Upon completing my testing I traveled to England where I stayed until May 2003. Now that I’m back in the States I plan on getting a job and upgrading my MCSE to 2003. Overall I must say that if not for GIT I would never have had the motivation to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

De McCadney

I am writing you this letting in praise of GIT, its wonderful staff and the learning experience I had in my time there. I have been an IT professional for 10+ years but never took the time to obtain any credentials or certifications along the way. When I finally decided it was time to do so, GIT was there to make the experience easy and straightforward. I was able to enroll in Network Security classes almost immediately with little effort on my part, your staff led me through the process and calmed all reservations I had. I have been to so-called “boot camps” that did not prepare me for the challenge of actually knowing the material I would be testing for. They only provided the answer sheets I could have downloaded off the internet myself. The environment your school provides not only is inviting but makes it easier to actually learn the material provided because there is no brain cram that comes along with boot camps. I have to say though, I was nervous going into my first class believing the instructor may not be able to teach me more then I already knew, this issue went away when I met my Network instructor on day one. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met and his resume speaks for itself. Even the topics I thought I already had a firm grasp on, he was able to enlighten me with more information. He stayed late after class for students that needed extra help and I watched as different students thanked him for help after having passed multiple certifications. Recently, I accepted an IT position in California that took me away from your instruction but during my time I found a desire to continue my studies that I had not had in years. I will be testing for my MCSE this month after having passed my Security + recently. Thank you for your encouragement in the time I was enrolled, I can honestly say your school, instructors and staff have put my mind at ease about wanting to excel in obtaining future certifications. Thank you again.

Deb Lasko

In mid-2012, I was at a cross-road in my life after being informed that the position I held for over 11 years was being eliminated. I realized then that my skills needed to be updated to take me into a new line of work. That's when I met one of your career advisors at Detroit career fairs. After talking with her for a few minutes, she understood completely the new path I wanted to undertake and as follow-up, invited me to the Global Information Technology (GIT) office in Southfield for an interview. She also introduced me to the appropriate people at the Michigan Works! Office who could arrange state funding for the Business Analysis and pre-requisite Microsoft Office 2010 courses I wished to take. After learning that I qualified for the funding, I began my journey with Global Information Technology in the fall of 2012. Let me say that it was a pleasure working with your instructors for the MS Office 2010 and the Business Analysis courses, as well as the entire staff at GIT. Both my instructors really cared about the people in their classes and were always available to help with questions, before and after the courses ended. As a bonus, I'm honored to have been part of the first Business Analysis course offered by GIT! I have now completed my training, already have 3 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications under my belt, and have plans to complete 2 more within short order. Also, I am very pleased to announce that I am starting a new career as a direct hire with a major automotive company with great pay! My past experiences, along with my newfound skills, have given me new confidence, all of which will be beneficial as I start my new job. Some words of advice for those still unemployed: Never give up on your search for your dream job, get the training you need, NETWORK, and volunteer!! I did all of the above. The simple act of helping out once or twice a week at Love INC of North Oakland County while still looking for full-time work and completing coursework at GIT had a positive effect on my life. Talking with people in dire need will increase your awareness of those around you and really make you appreciate all the gifts and talents that you do have to offer on both a personal and professional level.

Debbie Leveski

This is just a note of thanks to you and your staff to express how pleased I am with the education I am receiving from Global Information Technology. In March, 2007 I was without employment for the second time within four months. Even though I had a Master of Arts Degree in Education, the lack of current knowledge in technology does not make a candidate competitive in todays job market. So after getting advice from some technical recruiters I decided to go back to school and get training in some of the most popular software products available in the marketplace. In June 2007, I began my schooling at Global IT in the Microsoft Office 2007 Professional courses and I am currently enrolled in Web Pro courses. After only a couple of months of training I earned the title of Microsoft Certified Application Specialist and today I am working with potential clients in hopes of helping them design databases to help them better organize and manage the information they deal with on a daily basis. Soon I will be finished with the Web Pro courses and already I have three potential clients that want me to design their websites. The demand for experts and specialists in the IT field is so strong that the need to be educated in the field is a must in todays world. I would highly recommend IT training at Global Information Technology to anyone that wants to stay competitive in todays job market. I want to thank you and your staff for helping me prepare for my future. Global Information Technologys professionalism and dedication to the student is truly appreciated

Dell Williams

This is an great day to say the educational experience has given me and my family an ultimate way knowing how lives can change through information as well as information technology. I don't really have much to say on this matter because the challenges, the grinding work effort was a part of my personality since day one although the confidence to have others to believe in your constructive work ethic and show positive outcomes that give an great assurance to what is really taking place can move mountains. I really enjoy the staff and instructors and look forward to do great things for many many years to come. As this is not only an partnership this is our family who are bearing all different types of nationalities that believe in  something that actually works. Again I thank you for everything you have given to me and my family. God Bless!!

Donna Zarzycki

I was in the legal field for over 20 years (Secretary promoted to Paralegal). After being laid off from my last position, I decided I needed a change. I had used databases as a front end user during my legal field and was really interested in learning more. My passion for computers and database interest pushed me further to explore my career options in the Information Technology field. So, I came to Global Information Technology and spoke with a career advisor. When I visited Global Information Technology, I was so impressed with the facilities, the equipment, the instructors and teaching mythology, that I joined Global Information Technology by using my own money to pay for my courses. I enrolled in Web Pro (HTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver and Flash) and MS Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook). I loved learning MS Access, which is Microsoft's database. Since Global Information Technology was an Oracle Workforce Development training facility, I then took Linux+; since Oracle is mostly based on a Linux+ environment. This gave me knowledge and exposure so that I could enroll in the class I wanted: Oracle 10g Database Administrator course. I enjoyed Oracle so much that I actually excelled in it and was able to become an Oracle Certified Professional in 10g and 11g. I was very lucky that I was offered a job at Global Information Technology as Student Services Manger and it was during this job that I received support and advice. This just added to my thirst for knowledge in IT. Some advice I want to give to those looking for a career change is to believe in yourself and find a partner with experts who know the subject matter you wish to learn. Global Information Technology is a school of true subject matter experts in the realm of IT and I am glad that I chose Global Information Technology as my partner! Now, I have accepted a job as a Junior Oracle DBA and finally my dreams have come true. I am an Oracle DBA. Thank you to Global Information Technology for helping me change my career from paralegal to IT professional. I recommend Global Information Technology to those who are looking for a career change in IT!

Ebenezer Aniapam

I just want to say “Thank You” to Global Information Technology for getting me to where I am now. My place of work, Raytech, was permanently closed and all employees including myself were laid off in the beginning of 2005. I was introduced to Global Information Technology by the Southfield Unemployment office to take e-commerce course which includes Sun Certified Java Programmer/Advanced Java and Oracle 10g Database Administration classes. The instructors were all professionals in the field of the IT profession. They didn't just teach us to pass the test, but gave us the skills to be better at our jobs. We met on weekends and went through extensive training. I was also offered excellent tips on good resume and job Leads. I had a contract Job right in the middle of the course. As the courses progresses so was my chances of getting good paying Jobs. I have since been busy working on latest Technologies. I have taken a lot of certifications. I have never been out of Job since my graduation from Global Information Technology. It is my second home for resources when it comes to advice in the IT field. Thank you once again Global IT. I will definitely recommend the school to anyone who want to progress in the IT field.

Eddie Henderson

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Global Technology Information (GIT) to any technical inclined person who is seeking to become a top-notch Information Technology Technician (ITT). GIT is a unique technology school that I had the pleasure of attending. It is true that it is dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective training to the local community and business enterprises. It conveyed an important edge of forward-thinking and innovation to my career. My profession is in the area of technical software, hardware, IT service, tech support, network, cloud computing, and technology; and GIT have heightened my set of expectations in this field. GIT is harnessed to support educational goals at an affordable cost. They have great potential for knowledge dissemination, effective learning and the development of more efficient education services. Naturally, I must bring attention to the consistently good academic cultural and environment that was displayed amongst it highly qualified instructors. GIT is an exceptional technical school that will bring the best out of a student. Moreover, I am proud to say that it brought the best out in me. It is an honest and energetic school and likes to help students. Thanks to the GI Bill for supporting my education at GIT. Without any reservations, I highly recommend Global Information Technology ( GIT) to anyone who is striving to become a highly-qualified IT Professional.

Garrett Mason

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for providing the training and resources needed to get my career in Information Technology (IT) off to a great start. Having experienced a variety of jobs previously - including a stint as a Mortgage Officer for a large local Bank, and my prior Military service, so I had not prepared myself for a career in IT. I must confess, this field was an entirely new experience for me. All of my instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and great mentors. And, they were available to assist and encourage me whenever needed. Their knowledge of the subject matter is incredible and unsurpassed, and they all were experienced in training others for the maximum success! Further, I was also skeptical regarding the amount of available employment opportunities for an Entry-level IT Specialist. But, within a few months of getting CompTIA A+ certified, I had a help desk job offered to me through your Global IT Career Placement. Gained valuable experience and confidence in that assignment and since then, have recently accepted taken a job as a Network Administrator - with an upwardly-mobile company located in Southfield Michigan. My goal is to eventually become a fully certified Network Engineering Professional. With the knowledge gained from my Global IT training, and the practical experience gained on-the-job, this is definitely now an attainable goal. Thank you Global IT for my newly acquired skills, and IT knowledge - and changing my career. As a result, I am now a certified IT Professional.

Gilbert Lopez

I joined Global IT’s Software QA & Testing, Oracle 12c SQL, and Oracle JAVA SE 8 programming from February 2018 to June 23, 2018. The Director at Global Information Technology tailored my courses to fit my career path and goals. The QA Testing course was perfect timing for me as well as relevant to the job I was being trained in at Infosys, and helped me in my day to day field work. The teacher took his time to make sure everyone was engaged in the QA testing course and it was a wonderful experience. Then I joined Java SE 8 course at Global IT. So I have been spending every Saturday from 9 to 5 at Global IT for several months. I recently received another job offer at Renkim Corp as a .NET Developer and started work on June 27th 2018. I continued to take the Java course because the object-oriented concepts are the same for both Java and .Net. I can honestly say the curriculum at Global IT was more beneficial because it is slow-paced, job oriented and more detailed then any fast paced boot camp. The technology taught is current and relevant to the high-demand ever evolving field. Keep it up Global IT to provide the high-quality technical training to students for years to come. Thank you Global Information Technology for all your help and support.

Haitham Muhsin

First of all I would like to start out by saying a big  thank you to Global Information Technology who not only provided me with my CompTIA A+ and Network+ training, however they helped me to get full time employment with benefits. The Director at Global Information Technology requested, I try and get some funding from Michigan Works in Dearborn, Michigan. I was absolutely excited to hear that they would pay for my training in full. Global Information Technology made every step of the way pleasant for me, with the ease of the registration process, to the training and job placement. I remember, once I had the approval they got me enrolled and set up with the best schedule for me. In just 8 weeks who knew my  career and life would be flipped and change for the better. They not only provide great training however, they provided the best resume workshop I have ever attended. Less than a week after, the work shop I found myself working in the IT field.  Now, I am A+ certified and will be taking my Network+ in the next couple weeks. I am happy to tell you that I am currently working as an IT help desk technician and excited about my future as well as my new career.

Heather Berry

I was an out of work Engineering Technologist from ford motor. With a strong background in Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical. But no jobs. In this bad economy I was quite depressed and decided to do something about it. When your school was recommended I decided to go there and take a look. I liked what I saw and decided to enrolled in your network engineer (A+, Network+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE 2003, CCNA) program. I also decided that the only way to get anywhere was to be very up beat and energetic witch at 58 was no easy task. But I'm glad I did it paid of big-time. I work very hard, stayed up beat from the hardest to the easiest classes and because of this and a good attitude I actually GOT MY DREAM JOB. I thought I had it good at Ford but this CAREER is phenomenal, I can’t wait to get to work every day. I work as a civilian contractor to the Army and the Department of Defense on some pretty important projects. I owe a lot to Global IT of course but owe allot to attitude as well. They pick it up when they interview you, and impression is everything and that's what they remember when you leave and may hire someone less qualified if they think there a better fit for the group and have that little spark. Thank You again. Keep it up good work.

Isaac Hatcher

I have always prided myself in further educating myself. I have a bachelors, and during that time while working, I got my MBA. Throughout my career, I was lead to believe that loyalty and education will keep you ahead of the game and employed. One day, after 18 years of service at my job, I was called into an early conference and was job eliminated. They provided no reasons or why. At this point, I was jobless for the first time in my life. I felt hopeless and ashamed. I had to rely on savings and unemployment for the first time in my life which was not a good point in my life. However, one day through unemployment service I decided to take up classes to learn/improve my skills. This was lifesaving and proved to be a blessing in disguise. At Global Information Technology, I got introduced to a school that cares about the individual’s success. They invited me into their family and allowed me to take classes that will enable me to get back on track and again to work. This was exactly what I needed. Global Information Technology gave me the knowledge, skill, support, guidance, and confidence which I needed to get back out in the world and find a new opportunity. I am happy to say that I accepted a new position with a better company with better pay. This new job was a blessing and a fantastic opportunity to shine. I could not have gotten back working so quickly and prepared if it hadn’t been for Global IT. Thank you Global Information Technology to press reset on my career !!

Jawahar Babu

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the expertise shared throughout my studies in Global Information Technology, a superior training institute. I am thankful to all of the hardworking individuals at Global Information Technology especially to my instructors and career advisor. I had Oracle 10g Database Administrator and ASP .Net courses recently. After completing the course, I had so much confidence in my ability that I could walk into an interview and get the job. The faculties are very supportive, knowledgeable, cooperative and fantastic, the classroom has excellent lab facility, and the classes are very flexible in timings. At Global IT career classes are excellent where you get to know the latest IT trends, skills in demand, free career advice, job placement assistance and importance of certification which helps to get the right recession-proof job. By the way, I got the job right out of school and I am so happy. Thanks to Global Information Technology, that I received four jobs offers in this slump economy! It was great to have companies knocking instead of begging for a job.

Jennifer Dudek

I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate I am to have found Global Information Technology (GIT). I had been laid off in the spring and was looking for a new job. The Web Program sparked my interest. I have degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design but learning to design web sites was something I knew I could do. I started taking classes in Web Professional and the Microsoft Office 2003 Specialist programs. As of this letter, I have successfully passed the PowerPoint exam, and I plan on taking the rest of the exams to become certified in Word, Excel, and Access. Taking classes at Global Information Technology has been very educational. On the first night of Word I was impressed with the information we were taught and even though I have worked with the Microsoft software in the past, there were plenty of things that I did not know until I began taking the classes. I cannot say enough about the staff here at Global Information Technology. They take a genuine interest in their students and will stop at nothing to help you succeed. I was fortunate to have the same instructor for both classes. She is very friendly and highly knowledgeable. She cares about her students’ success in the workforce, and that shows. I would recommend Global Information Technology to anyone who wishes to learn new things, or just improve their skills!

Jerri D

Dec 04, 2021 I’m very grateful for Manish and the Global IT staff for all the help they’ve provided , while I was in the process of advancing my education and career.  During a time when I was unemployed, I started  looking for the right organization to help me to further my education.   So, I was very excited to learn about the many programs available through GIT. My instructor brought real-world scenarios to the material. I successfully completed my course and then secured a Cyber Security Analyst job shortly after. In all, I feel that GIT offers great educational and training options and I’m looking forward to my next course. Thank you. Sincerely, Jerri D.

John Parkinson II

I am writing this letter to inform you of my satisfaction with my son’s ( John Parkinson II) learning experience at Global Information Technology. He enrolled in your A+ , MCSE 2003 and CCNA programs in August 2007. The training provided by Global Information Technology became the foundation for his now growing IT career. After earning the A+ certification and while working on the MCSE program, he got a job with Tech Team Global in an IT help desk position supporting a Big 4 accounting firm. Global Information Technology job placement services assisted with this. Within a year after that, he was able to get a job with Apple working from home in a technical support position. Both of these firms provided extensive training which complemented the training he received at Global Information Technology. At this time, he has accepted a position with the U.S. government as a satellite communications specialist. This success was made possible due to the training he received at Global Information Technology. I’d strongly recommend any parent with a child interested in an IT career to consider Global Information Technology. They offer quality training, have an excellent staff and they can help make it happen!

Jon Tarlo

I am a recent hire at CRC and subcontracted though the Department of Defense. This is the best job I have ever had my whole life thus far; and this is just the start of my Information Technology (IT) career. Previous to this I was a Sheet Metal fabricator at various sheet metal companies in the Detroit Metro Area. After several layoffs and periods of unemployment I decided it was time to change careers and get into the IT field. I found out about the No Worker Left Behind program though the Ferndale Michigan Works program. After about five months of red tape, constant phone calls and forms to fill out I was approved. I decided to go to Global Information Technology (GIT) to acquire my computer certifications. They had the best programs to offer for the best price. At first I thought there has got to be some kind of catch to all of this. However once I started classes I soon found out I was wrong. GIT is a great school. There is simply no way to describe all of the benefits in a few short paragraphs. However some key points are as follows. The instructors are very knowledgeable and offer real world experience with every lesson they teach. Also they have always made themselves freely available to answer any questions I may have. The above coupled with the positive attitude and desire to teach makes the instructors at GIT one of a kind. Behind the instructors of GIT is the wonderful support staff. Every single one of them does their job promptly and does it well. From job placement, logistics, or scheduling (just to name a few) I have never been left with unanswered questions or needs. The staff is equally important to the success of the institution and the students; and they are never more than a phone call or email away. I wouldn’t be in the great position I am in now if it wasn’t for the faculty and staff of GIT. The knowledge and support from everyone there has made me the success I am today. Although the school is easy to miss from the outside once you’ve been there you’ll never forget it.

Jonathan Nimene

"This was, by far, the best class experience I have had since high school. I took the COMPTA+ and Networking+ classes at Global Information Technology, and within a few months of completing these classes, I had a Level II Technical support position. The instructors were fantastic and really cared about my learning. If I had questions, they were answered with clarity. They have the best-supporting staff and advisors. I would recommend Global Information Technology to anyone interested in technology who needs a good start in the Information Technology field. I look forward to enrolling in IT Security+ next. Jonathan Nimene IT Support Specialist, Level II UPS"

Kalyani Patel

I enrolled for the Oracle Database Pro at Global Information Technology in the Spring of 2001. I felt very comfortable as the instructors were Oracle Certified Professionals who are sincere, friendly, and very helpful. I was impressed with facility as it was clean, quiet, and used the latest Dell computers, with a fast internet connection; and the location was great! The style of training was excellent and the timings really suited well with my busy schedule. There were also step-by-step exercises after each session that really helped me understand the concepts very well. The study guides were excellent and were very helpful in passing the OCP exams later on. The instructors encouraged all of the students to come in and do the lab exercises in our free time, and remained available for help outside of class. Instructors also encouraged us to ask questions whenever we weren’t clear on specific topic during or after the lectures. After completion of the course, the GIT staff helped me prepare the best resume highlighting my newly obtained skills. The training and the resume were crucial in getting my current job as an Oracle Developer. Because of the success of the first course, I decided to take the Oracle DBA Pro and Visual Basic class here and I am just as satisfied. I am very happy with the knowledge and guidance I have received at GIT and I am sure it will help me go a long way with my professional career. I would like to come back and take more classes in future. Thanks GIT! Sincerely, Kalyani Patel

Katrina Larmon

I started attending GIT in January, 2008. Prior to this decision I researched several schools, and found that GIT offers so much more in class opportunities and is the most economical. I must be honest, I was quite apprehensive about going back to school; it had been along time since I attended any classes. However I fear more of what my future was going to be if I chose not to go back. I couldn’t see myself having to take low paying jobs with no advancement opportunities. I have at least twenty more year of working left; not moving forward wasn’t an option for me. They have Day and Night classes and some weekend classes, you really can work around any schedules you might have, such as Children school hours or after work hours. They make it possible for you to say yes, I can do this! They take there students success very seriously, and go the extra mile to help you succeed. I have just completed my Microsoft office Specialist courses which are Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. These classes take you all the way through to the advance level in each subject preparing you to be a Microsoft Office Specialist. These skills are valuable in many different field of employment, there for broadening your opportunities in job changes or advancement in your current job. I will be moving on to my next classes which are Program Description for Comp TIA A+/Network + Web Skills with GIT I can’t wait!

Keith Campbell

I am writing this letter to inform you of my learning experience at Global Information Technology. I enrolled into your Network +, Security +, Linux +, SQL, Oracle 12C Database Administrator, MCSA 2012, CCNA, Web Pro, and Microsoft Office 2013 classes from March 2015 through June 2016. Immediately, I was impressed with the learning environment, class materials, fellow students, and the instructors. The class sizes were appropriate for the difficulty of the courses. Your staff is very friendly and they work hard to help the students succeed. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable in their perspective fields and did not hesitate to cover material below the difficulty of the courses to ensure that all the students were ready to take the new responsibilities in the work force. The lectures were very informative and very easy to follow. Combined with the lectures and hands on training students from all backgrounds learn at an accelerated pace with the confidence to be able to perform the tasks in a real world environment. I also learned from other students in my classes. The class base is very diverse with talented, experienced students who worked in the IT field and those that were new to this field. Mr. Abdul is one of the most knowledgeable instructors that I have learned from. He is very patient with the students and he has answered every question that students have asked him. This shows his experience working and teaching in the IT field. He is highly qualified to teach anyone learning Network+, MCTS, Security +, and Windows Server Administration MCSA 2012. When I started attending class at GIT I was a level one machine operator. Only three months into attending your programs you were able to place me in a Technical Support with Hewett Packard, one of the top fortune 500 companies in the world. Within another three month you gave me the knowledge and confidence to become a mentor and trainer for HP. Now almost a year later we are still working together to build upon my skill set to go for the next opportunity. Not only has GIT helped me learn new technologies they have also taught me how to better network myself using social media, resume building, and how to create a strong personal network with my co-workers and fellow students. In the future I know that I can depend on GIT to further my education and to help find future employment opportunities. Thank you for changing my life and bringing me back to civilian life. I know my future is bright now.

Larry Broaddus

It is with great enthusiasm that I write a recommendation for Global Information Technology for the MCTS 70-431- SQL Server 2005 course. In that time, I have had the opportunity to receive a thorough understanding of writing SQL statements, stored procedures, triggers, functions and views. Other topics that were very helpful were database design, replication, mirroring, clustering, disk partitioning, database roles, performing backups and restores. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer questions pertaining to the course. In my pursuit of seeking academic education I feel this course has been a key factor in my recent acceptance of employment with good pay and benefits. As you can see, I was delighted to work with my instructor and Global Information Technology. I must say Global Information Technology is an excellent way to get your certification. They are professional, and very in tune with up-to-date material. I would recommend them to anyone.

Larry Todd

Global IT Changed My Life I remember the day I attended Global Information Technology. I met with the administrator who gave a lot of good information. My name is Larry Todd Sr. and I like to tell you about Global IT. Global IT really changed my life. If you are serious about starting a career, then Global Information Technology is the place for you! I really love the small class sizes which make room for you to ask a lot of questions. The instructors are very supportive and informative. This school also provides Student Services to help you with an enormous host of resources. Global IT supplies all the tools you need in order to succeed! With a positive attitude, hard work and perseverance, anyone can come off victorious. I started attending Global Information Technology in April 2018. I had a low wage paying job with nowhere to turn. I felt like my life was headed in the wrong direction, soon to end. Thanks to the City of Detroit and the Michigan Works Program I was granted free tuition to attend Global IT. I really wanted to show my appreciation for my blessing. I made it a goal to attend all of my classes and on time. Things did get difficult, and that’s when the administrator, staff, and instructors rallied around me. They informed me to hang in there and things will pay of only if I stayed the course. So, I put more time into taking notes and studying. With the guidance of the instructor I passed my first certification test on my first attempt. I was elated, a 775 out 900! As a result, I was hired by Tek Systems in March of 2019 as a Help Desk Analyst. Tek Systems work directly with Dell Computers and The Ford Motor Company. Now I am on a path to a life full of goals, ambition, and career opportunities within my grasp. Global IT has taught me that a small school can pack a mighty powerful punch. I want to thank the City of Detroit and The Michigan Works Program for playing a role in my success as well. I want to thank Global Information Technology for being the central hub to a better career and a better outlook on life. Thank you, Global IT, Whole heartedly

Lesley Goodwin

My name is Lesley Goodwin and I work in financial services industry as a Marketing and Communication Manager. Over the past two years, I have exchanged emails with GIT while researching several training options. GIT continued to keep me informed of their class outline and when I learned they could coordinate a class around my hectic shedule, I was definitely on board. I have learned a great deal of knowledge and apply my skills each and every day. Although, I’m not the IT Manager, it’s really great to have this knowledge so I can do what I need to do, when I need to do it. I have learned how to add the bells and whistles to our company’s website and I’m excited to improve it more. My Web Professional instructor is amazing. When questions come up, you can guarantee a response within a hour or less. Instructor gives lots of tips and advice and works hard to increase your skill set.The small class gave us more personal instruction and this course exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Global Information Technology to anyone looking to learn Web Design and development class. I will be back for more.

Leslie McKenzie

After many months of searching for training with all the criteria and professionalism that I was looking for, I was fortunate enough to have been recommended to Global Information Technology. I followed up on the recommendation given to me and went to speak to a representative, who gave me a tour of the facility and detailed information on the classes that are offered there. I was very impressed with their professionalism and the friendly inviting atmosphere. Within a few weeks I enrolled in their Microsoft Office MOS Certification program. The training exceeded my expectations. I had an excellent instructor; she was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the software programs. She was always willing and available to help us with whatever questions we needed answered. She provided us with information on online exercises to enhance our abilities. Because of what I have learned from Global Information Technology, I was able to go on job interviews with confidence knowing that I was armed with a vast amount of knowledge. Because of that knowledge I was successful in successful in obtaining employment. I enjoyed the time I spent at Global Information Technology immensely, because of their professionalism, friendliness, great support and excellent teaching. I am recommending Global Information Technology to anyone who wants to succeed in whatever computer technologies they aspire too.

Lisa Majewski

I started training at Global I.T. in January of 2002 with the Web Pro course, then after successfully completing that course, I elected to take the Java Pro. I liked my instructors because they were always willing to help before and after class, as well as by appointment. The material was good because it explained things in depth and they did a good job covering the material as well. It was better than going to a University to learn because you didn’t spend so much time on one particular subject. You were exposed to various areas and I don’t think I was short-changed in learning in any particular area of the certification program. I was given ample projects and hands-on work on in class. Lecture was crucial for getting your feet wet, but majority of class time was allocated to doing hands on work. I definitely felt like I was never lost…at the beginning of Java course I was a bit apprehensive, but looking back on the nature of the course and entry level students entering the course, it’s understandable. However, the areas I was having trouble in were addressed and I was able to continue learning. I would recommend this training to people that are beginners or individuals who are looking to refresh their skills could benefit from Training at GIT. We had a variety of skill level when we started out, and our instructor was able keep everyone’s attention and keep things interesting for everyone. Overall, I liked the training because it was a small group of students, so if you had a question it was going to get answered and explained to you. The training was great and GIT put a great emphasis on personalized attention. Currently, I’m looking for jobs in areas of Web Design where I can utilize my skills I picked up at GIT. I’ve done some free lance work for some local businesses in the area, and I hope between that experience and that training at GIT I’m able to move on to bigger and better things. Lisa Majewski

Lynda Wilson

I am writing this letter today in recommendation of Global Information Technology (GIT). In the spring of 2008 I learned that my employment position was being off-shored. Of course this was devastating news. Even though I possess a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, I realized I did not specialize in any specific IT area and that this was holding me back from finding new employment and from being considered for advancement opportunities. After consulting with Career Advisor at GIT, I was convinced that the Oracle 10g DBA learning course was right for me as my recent employment dealt with these types of databases and DBA specialists are in demand. I signed up for the course immediately. I was impressed with the instructor’s knowledge and his real world experience. The instructor works during the day as a DBA and has been doing so for many years. His current real world experience was valuable to the course learning. I recommend Oracle 10g to anyone considering the field. During my course study I was able to find IT employment and continue to work in the field.

Marcus Thompson

I wish to express my thanks and gratitude for your expert teaching and support that have helped me transition into a career in information technology. When I began taking classes in August of 2009, I had been unemployed for over a year, and job prospects in the insurance industry were slim. Your staff took the time to work with me on a program that would compliment my background and allow for a wide array of opportunities in the information technology field. The teaching staff deserve commendation for their commitment to each student that they taught. I appreciate your instructors for taking time in each instance to make sure that my concerns and other students' concerns were addressed, so that the concepts and applications of the material taught would be well understood. Your career services staff have been great in searching high and low through their contacts with companies to find jobs that fit my skill set. I am thankful for the resume help, daily updates with new jobs, and interview preparation workshops that are offered. Without their efforts, I would not have my current job. I have recommended Global Information Technology to family members and friends who have been looking for a change of career and opportunities to make themselves more valuable to their employers. I have great expectations for my future classes with Global Information Technology and the additional employment opportunities that will follow.

Megha Kashinkunti

7/10/2018 I enjoyed working for Global Information Technology on project as well as at the class. The management is very helpful and approachable when needed. I got very good opportunity to learn new tools and technologies and also to implement them. They provide very good support for their students in determining their areas of interest, provide training accordingly and assist them in their job placement. They are tied with very good clients in and around Michigan to help their students get internships and good exposure to the IT industry. They are up to date with the latest tools and technologies in the market. I liked the management who always help and support their staff. They are here to make a difference in the society.

Meontre Byrd

Dear Global Information Technology: If it were not for you my future in Information Technology would be completely uncertain. My name is Meontre and before Global IT I was working low paying side computer repair jobs and retail computer/computer part sales. During that time in my life I learned some minor basic computer stuff but nothing really concrete or skills that were IT ready to get me in the door. In the summer of 2018 after getting let go from my employer earlier in the year I decided it was time for a CHANGE. Through MI works they introduced me to Global IT and I am glad they did. As a school for information Tech, Global IT took my existing skills that I have learned and boosted them to a much greater degree by expanding my knowledge and showing me the correct way on how to be a PC tech and become the best tech I can be. Now I am CompTIA A+ certified and working my dream job as a PC tech making a livable wage with great benefits. No more dead-end jobs for me. Meontre Byrd

Michael Kurtser

I was faced with a layoff from my previous employer. Being in the auto industry really made me stop and think about my future. I have always enjoyed working with computers, so I started exploring my options. I was browsing the internet one evening and found Global Information Technology. My biggest concern was going back to school after 20 years. I was afraid that I would not be able to cut it. But the staff at Global Information Technology put my fears at ease right from the start. I went in to the class with a positive attitude. The teacher made it so much fun to learn and the fact that there were others of different ages in the class made no difference at all. And when class is completed, they don’t just drop you. They are always there to help. I have to say after graduating, the job hunting was a scary thing. But the placement specialists, in my opinion, are one of a kind. They help you every step of the way. They even go so far as to have mock interviews so you know how to interview for that perfect job. You receive a lot of advice and help from them, and they never let you down. I have completed three classes Oracle DBA, Linux and Java. I passed three Oracle certification exams Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL, Oracle Database 10g: Administration I and Oracle Database 10g: Administration II. Now I have a lot of room for advancement. I am very excited and look forward to an ever changing and expanding career. I couldn’t have done it without Global Information Technology.

Mieh Khatib

I was hired into Global I.T. late May, coming from three separate jobs that I had been working simultaneously. Manish gave me the chance to start with Global IT to pursue Office Assistant and also suggested that I take the MS Office Suites class that they offered. I was constantly surrounded by people that encouraged me to do better and learn more so that I could eventually move forward with a career. Because of the experience that I gained with Global and the advanced knowledge I attained through their classes I was able to successfully gain the confidence I needed. I have officially been offered the job that will kick start my career and I could not have done that without my experiences with Global. I am extremely lucky to have been affiliated with an organization that truly makes you feel like family. Thank you Global IT for changing my life! With Gratitude, Mieh Khatib

Mike McCain

I want to take this opportunity to tell how pleased I am with having selected Global Information Technology for my training. About six months ago I requested information from several schools in the Detroit area. After speaking with each of them I chose Global Information Technology. I found your staff very friendly and professional. Your instructors exceptionally well qualified with multiple certifications including Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Best of all is your affordable pricing with greatest quality of training. I took your A+ classes and am now A+ Certified. I am currently taking the MCSE 2003 classes and am looking forward to the MCSE 2003 Certification. My experience with Global Information Technology has been very positive and would recommend Global Information Technology to anyone wanting to upgrade their IT skills.

Mister Jackson

I got an Associate degree In Electronics Engineering Technology in 1996. The results I got from getting that degree were good; however, I had been laid off several times within a time frame of 14 years. The last time I got laid off, I thought about my continued interest in computer technology and the lack of qualified individuals in this field in Michigan and decided to go back to school and get several certifications. I chose Global Information Technology because of their size and their ability to be able to give the extra attention I knew I would need. The instructors are very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was comfortable all the way through the course. Everybody was very professional and conducive to every student’s growth. Because of their knowledge and expertise I have gotten a job at a very well-known and profitable company. This company usually requires one to have a bachelor’s degree for them to hire you for the position I was hired for, I went into the interview with the knowledge I obtained from Global Information Technology. Good news - I was hired into a company that exceeds me and my family’s expectations and ensure our future. Thank you Global Information Technology.

Nalini Sanku

I wish to thank GIobal Information Technology for helping me restart my career after taking a break of almost 8-9 years. During my career break, I had not kept my skills updated and before getting back into my career search, I decided to get re-trained. While researching the training institutions, in late 2009, I came across GIT and based on the reviews about the institute, I met with Manish Modi. He took the time to review my background, my skills and interests and that started me down the path of getting certified as an Oracle DBA. The course was very well structured, Oracle University authorized, cost effective and small class size. Our instructor was also very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The skills gained were very beneficial for me and help me pass SQL, OCA and OCP certifications with ease. I started working as a part time DBA. In early 2011, I moved to the East Coast to take up a position as a full-time DBA. I am now working for fortune 500 companies as an Oracle DBA locally with great work satisfaction. Thank you Global IT for bringing me back to IT industry. My experience with Manish and his team at GIT has been very very positive and I would encourage anyone looking for a career in IT, to review their course offerings and let them guide you to a successful new career.

Nicole Walker

First I would like to thank GIT staff for all their support. Before I started at Global Information Technology (GIT). I had no IT experience and I was searching for a career that I enjoyed as well as one that would allow me to raise my two children as a single parent. At the time I was not sure if I could handle trying to be a single parent, working a minimal wage job and attending classes. I entered the Network Administrator program which seemed like a lot of certifications but the staff and administrators and teachers always listened to my concerns and always continued to encourage me to keep pushing through even with all my problems outside of school. They were concerned about me as a person and that made my experience here an experience that I will never forget. The encouragement that I received gave me a new self-esteem and it allowed me to become successful in the IT field. I landed a job with Federal Mogul and I am still continuing to advance my education here at G.I.T. The atmosphere at this school is a friendly- family oriented setting and because of that I encourage others to come and experience what G.I.T. offers. The experience is more than just schooling and training it is life changing and the encouragement from the staff makes you feel like family. G.I.T. changed my life. Without their help and support I would not have been able to conquer as much as I have and become an inspiration to my own children. So I just want to recommend G.I.T. for such a life changing experience. They are more than just a school.

Racha Ramdan

I'd just like to thank you and Global Information Technology for getting my career back on the right track. I had been unemployed for nearly 2 years after being laid off from ACCESS and I have been trying to find the right job. Couple months after applying to the unemployment, Michigan Works office approved me training grants under WIOA program. With some personal research, I have schedule an appointment with career advisor Khaled who advised me to start training in Business Analyst and Project Management. During training in Project Management, I was able to learn a lot from the great instructor. At the same time your school was helping me to get the best job that meets requirements. Your placement services manager with his great experience in job experience and resume workshop, started working with me step by step to achieve my dream. Your school provided me and the other students several one to one meeting where we received instruction on job search, ways on how we can contact hiring manager and reviews for the resume to ensure it is the best. Moreover, Mr. Jason was performing several resume workshop where he invited recruiter to show them our skills. He followed up with me on daily basis to ensure I am doing the right things on job search and following up with recruiter. He did forward my resume to the right recruiter who can help me. Because of his instructions and connections I was able to get a job Interview with GM. This is all because all your dedicated team, staff and knowledgable instructors did help prepare for this job interview and got hired at an excellent pay rate and benefits. Your school has the great instructor with the great skills who can help students become an expert in the subject they are studying. My PMP instructor who provides training for Project Management is one of them. This person is excellent in explaining everything to the students and teaching them what they really need to become expert. He provides student with all information and resources to pass their test and get a job. Of course, I can’t forget all the hard work and time you did to follow up with me and make sure I am doing the right thing on my job search. Global IT is not just a school for training, it is the best place for anyone who is looking to earn experience, certification and find the right job. Thank you for changing my life.

Rachel Smith

May 28,2020. My experience with Global Information Technology has proven to be exceedingly beneficial. Through the VA VET TEC program and my attendance at Global IT, I was able to complete the IT Professional 4 courses. Along with the valuable training and resources that GIT has provided, I not only have a better understanding of these subjects but can also complete certification exams in these areas. Thanks to the incredible assistance from the staff at Global IT, I am optimistic about pursuing a career in the Information Technology industry. With the vast array of tech courses offered, and the knowledgeable instructors and accommodating staff available, this institution truly offers something for everyone. Thank you. Rachel Smith

Ralph Cook

I worked 17 yrs in manufacturing as a Hilo driver, a material processor and 9 yrs as a Quality assurance technician and was let go due to the economy in February 2007. During that time I’d always had a passion for the computing arena so after weighing my options and overcoming the fear that can grip you during a jobless period I began searching for an educational opportunity in the computing arena. May 2007 Enter Global Information Technology (GIT): with an abundance of training opportunities, fully qualified and certified instructors, and a price that gave the most bang for the buck. I enrolled in the Network Engineering professional Courses and was blown away by the depth of knowledge and information, hands on training and can do attitude that they imparted to me. Today I am a systems Administrator installing configuring and managing: server systems, SAN/NAS, Web servers, web applications, High order encryption devices, Database servers, switches routers and firewall IDS/IPS devices. I work with engineers and technicians who have been in the industry for years and they were so impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge that I possess that they gave me a promotion and a raise after only six months of employment thanks to my training at GIT. It’s a big job but Global Itech has prepared me for a bright future in IT. If you put 100% effort into your training you will be rewarded. Thanks GIT for everything. I’m sure I’ll be back when it’s time for the upgrades.

Randy Schales

After suffering through unemployment for over a year with a bleak outlook for future employment opportunities in the Criminal Justice field that offered no upward mobility, I made the decision to return to school for some needed updated IT skills and current certifications. I selected Global Information Technology for my updated training. I started my career in the United States Air force (2003 – 2007) as a communications specialist. While enlisted in the Air force, I completed my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration. After getting out of the Air force I went to work in chosen field and took a job as a corrections officer for the State of Maryland. I worked at this assignment for 3 years with little change to the job, but during that time I had an epiphany! My real passion and interest had always been in IT and working with computers. Having been given the chance by the Department of Veteran Affairs via my VA benefits, in 2013 I began my journey to become a Network Security Expert Professional. Over the next year, I was trained in CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) on Windows 7 Enterprise Administrator. I also studied the aspects of advanced security via CompTIA Security, and the operating system through CompTIA Linux+. And, I am currently on target to have all my certification in the aforementioned courses by late Summer, 2014. Since joining Global Information Technology (Global IT) , I also gained valuable work experience worked with Best Buy’s Geek squad, as an advanced repair agent which enhanced my resume and further added to my IT skills and experience. This opportunity also made me very marketable, and recently I was offered and accepted the accepted a position with Hewitt Packer (HP) as a Technical Solutions representative (Global Service Desk). This was the result of assistance from Global IT’s Placement Division. Wow, I never expected my life to be changed so quickly. My training had opened a world of opportunities and I never knew existed and I am learning and growing each day. Doors are opening for me, and I am extremely excited for my future prospects. I was recently awarded and Outstanding Student Award! So to others in a similar situation that have an opportunity to utilize your VA benefits to create a new future for yourself, and possibly turn your life around, take a chance like I did - the rewards can be significant. My VA benefits and my training have provide me with a life-changing pathway to ongoing success! Thank you Global Information Technology for building my IT career !!

Ray Hodge

Having stagnated as an IT professional, as well as finding the demands in the market are for later technologies, it became evident that I had to re-tool to remain, indeed become, marketable. I needed a training venue that offered a breadth of curriculums, that was affordable, that was convenient and that was geared to the working individual. I contacted several technology training schools and reviewed their programs. Global Information Technology stood out as that venue. With programs that accommodate most any schedule, I was able to train as I continued my everyday business. The courses (and instructors) match the pace of the course with the pace of the comprehension of the student. The instructors make themselves available for questions and one-on-one attention and stand ready to make that extra effort – if you as a student are. As in any training program, student commitment and reinforcement of material outside of class, needs to be high to succeed. I am confident that I have the foundation to begin (essentially) a new career related to Web Design and Digital Photography and look forward to applying these skills to my own business. Thanks Global IT, I am pleased with the training I have received and receiving and, it’s good to know that if I need a refresher, I can get it at Global IT!

Ripon Uddin

I was fascinated to work as an IT Technology Professional since grade school, but I had no clue where to start. After graduating from a community college with a degree in Computer Information Systems, I still found myself confused to jump right into IT career without accruing sufficient amount of knowledge and hands on experience. There were times I spent my own wealth of peace/hard earned money to attend Technology Seminars to stay focused, driven and socially advanced with IT Professionals, whom currently working in their designated field. After seminars I would maintain follow up communication with those individuals and never hesitant to ask what approaches should I take in order to become an IT Professional. Nevertheless, I started looking through internet blogs, LinkedIn and other publically shared sites recently after that I've heard about WIA funding offered by Michigan Works. Considering this opportunity with Michigan Works, I visited GIT and met program Director who set down with me and actually listened to my Career goals what I'm trying to accomplish. After my briefing about my perspective IT career and the right education planning, Manish analyzed and proposed to me his expert ideas about pursuing Technical Education by enrolling into Network Engineering Professional program here at Global Information Technology. The structures of the courses were designed to teach you intense technology from A+, Network+ to implement onto a real world hands on in-class activities : Installing and configuring Microsoft Server with all necessary roles and services and configuring new CiSCO Switch/Routers from scratch. GIT's instructors are working IT professionals with real world hands-on expertise. Therefore, when you're learning from the best and actually implementing what you've learned it's the most important part of learning process and GIT follow just that. GIT's ultimate goals were to educate student with dedication to help better their future by providing quality education. After graduating from Global Information Technology, I was offered a position as Systems Analyst at Magna Systems International making sufficient amount of money to sustain a level of confidence without having to worry about financial obligations. I worked for Magna for 1 ½ year, than accepted position with Hewlett Packard as Level 2 Engineer administering SharePoint (MOSS) Exchange Server Farm 2007 and presently working as ITSM Plant Operation Local Domain Support for fortune 500 Global Automotive Manufacturing Corporation. It has been a diverse/adventurous journey exploring my successful career and it's my utmost privilege to recommend Global Information Technology my Technical school of choice and to all other current, perspective and future IT professional to pursue with the right education from Global information Technology.

Robert Franklin

I wanted to take an opportunity to provide an update on my career since deciding to take classes with Global Information Technology. As you know, after nearly 15 years with a major player in the field of IT solutions, I was laid off from my job in December of 2008. After taking stock of what I needed to do to get back into the IT field, I decided that I would need to spruce up my credentials with some training. After researching and talking to several companies which offered IT training, I met with a member of your staff Esa Khalid. Esa and I reviewed where I wanted to go with my career, and what type of training I could get thru GIT. After talking with Esa, I felt very comfortable with the program at Global Information Technology and with the staff. The thing which impressed me the most was the commitment I felt Global Information technology was going to make with me and my training. Esa pointed out your free retake policy. This really impressed me, as I felt that if I needed extra attention in a certain class or technology that resources would be there in the future. This was not just a one shot or nothing school interested only in me for the duration of my class. The first class I took was the Cisco Certified Network Administrator class. While challenging, the class taught me a lot, and I was successful in passing the CCNA exam and earning my certification. After completing my CCNA course, I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the No Worker Left Behind program and this enabled me to take further classes. I have gone on to successfully complete training in CompTIA A+, Network+, Security +, and the Microsoft Certified Professional track of classes. Along the way, all of your staff have been very helpful, and have demonstrated a real understanding of the subject matter they teach. Ed, Jeff, Abdul, and others have been very great. I am now approaching my 3 year anniversary as an employee with the State of Michigan, working for the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB). My job is both personally and professionally rewarding, and one which I enjoy immensely. Thank you again to you and all your staff for your support. I would highly recommend (and have) Global Information Technology to anyone interested in obtaining IT training.

Ruth Byrd

My name is Ruth Byrd. I would like to take this opportunity to convey the meaningful connections between my professional past and the skills that I acquired from the Global IT training experience. Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support that is so eagerly shared for our growth, as not only students, but also as global citizens of society. I am grateful for the investment that was made into my life by the staff of Global Information Technology. The Global IT staff made me feel authentically supported when someone would say, “Please let me know how I can be helpful” and genuinely mean it. I learned so much while at Global IT that prepared me for my current position. I look back on that time as so important in the development of the person that I am today. I have learned not only "to make better software but to make software better". Explaining long career gaps like mine (9 years) is difficult. So, I focused my attention on retooling, in June 2013, I began the intensive Global IT Oracle DBA program to enhance and modernize my skills. My job search in the down turned economy, even with my demonstrated experience and expertise without additional current credentials, was almost pointless. But the Global IT staff was always patient, took the time to listen and helped me to navigate the job market. All of the encouragement and endless career support have not been in vain. I am currently working as a Business Analyst in a Fortune 100 Automotive Manufacturer where I am directly supporting the goal and am helping to move the long-range vision for the organization forward.

Samar Gorial

Manish - I am writing to say thank you. I thank God for Global Information Technology. I thank God for you, because you genuinely care about the direction of the student. I thank God for believing in me, for coaching me, and for helping me. I thank God for everyone at Global Information Technology for being so kind to me. Who knew I would be approved for a grant to study IT and become certified, and be offered a job in IT? I didn't. The power of someone believing in me and giving me the courage to try is the reason why I'm doing better today. I don't deserve it. And I am grateful. I was unemployed - Now I'm employed. I was making less money - Now I'm making more. I was on my feet all day at my other job - Now I have a job that requires a chair and a desk. I worked in retail - now I have a better job in IT. I had almost given up about my life and future - Now I have not given up about my life and future. Rejection and time convinced me to stop striving, despite having an MBA from a prestigious school. But now my self-esteem is beginning to be built again. May I be not like the nine lepers who were healed by Jesus, yet who did not say thank you, but like the one who returned to thank Him. Luke 17:11-19. Global Information Technology has been good to me. It has lifted me up and given me courage. Thank you, Samar Gorial

Sandy Skrbina

I would like to thank you for the great experience I had with the "Java Professional" course taught by our knowledgeable instructor. He was very patient with us when explaining programming concepts that are new to the Java Language. He pointed out topics that will be covered in the Certification exam that will help prepare us to study in a more efficient manner. The classroom training and reference manuals were well written with an even mix of text and coding examples. This writing style was a necessary ingredient when learning new material. The Placement Manager worked with me personally on a number of occasions to point me in the direction of potential employers. Her suggestions for incorporating experience into my Resume helped to get a lot of attention from the IT job boards. My unemployment status gave me extra time to work on my programming assignments throughout the 15 week course. Shortly after completing the course I was able to secure a consulting assignment at a higher pay rate than my last job. Most importantly - I'm anticipating the opportunity to incorporate my newly acquired IT skills into my next assignment. Good luck to everyone at GIobal IT and I'll will be thinking about registration for the Oracle DBA program later this year.

Shazia Rashid

I got married young, had two amazing boys. At age 31 I found myself at a low paying job as an Office Assistant that wasn't challenging me at all. So I visited Global IT and met with the Director. After looking at my background and doing a personal assessment, he suggested I become a Business Analyst(BA). I was very skeptical in the beginning because I didn't know if I would even consider doing that has an everyday job. So I went home and investigated the position found that there is a big demand for BA’s in Michigan. So, I took a chance and signed up for the Business Analyst with SQL class. My BA instructor was a wonderful teacher and simply an amazing person. I was very happy with her teaching methods and enjoyed a great classroom experience. She provided all necessary skills and tips in order to succeed as a Business Analyst. After, I completed the course I was actively started looking for a BA position. I remember adding my BA information to my resume, I was approached by a recruiting company that had a several great opportunities for me. But, the one that stood out the most was the Junior BA position. The recruiters were very eager to get an Interview with me for CSG Government Solutions as a junior BA. The position was ideal for me. I would be working with senior level BA’s which will give me so much EXPERIENCE. I had a phone interview on Friday. Friday afternoon they set up a face to face interview for Monday morning. I had an interview with CSG Monday morning and before I made it home, an offer letter was sent to my email. This was certainly one of the fastest hiring processes I have been through. When a company see’s a possible candidate that is positive, ambitious and has a hunger for expanding their abilities they tend not to let that person go. I have plans to continue learning and growing . I will never limit myself to simply one position as my options now seem limitless. I start my new BA position this Monday (3/11/2013), please wish me luck! My goal is to become a value-added asset to any company. Thank you Global Information Technology(Global IT) for reshaping my career !!

Sid Stoffer

I am currently attending classes at Global Information Technology in the Enhanced Oracle Certified Professional DBA program funded by the State of Michigan "No Worker Left Behind" grant. I have attended the 10G Oracle Certified Professional (OCP DBA) classes in the October 2009- March 2010 period. This coursework is compatible with my data engineering background and future courses in Oracle RAC and complementary skills in Linux and Java will help round out my technical background for future opportunities. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the DBA material being a practicing DBA at a local company during the day and teaching in the evenings/weekends. He had married the theory and Oracle-approved training material with occasional workplace stories to help drive home the important points. I also enjoyed interacting with the other students. Their backgrounds, strengths and areas needing improvement kept me grounded on why we were there and why we needed to help each other to succeed. In February 2010, I joined the new GE Technology Center in Michigan working as a Data Architect working in business intelligence analysis and reporting. Without a doubt, attending certification training helped me land the position. Most companies these days are very conservative in their hiring practices and being Oracle certified gives myself an edge versus others. I am thankful to both the State of Michigan for the grant and Global Information Technology for the chance to be productive in a profession that I love.

Snigdha Suvarna

Global Information Technology is a fantastic place where I was able to learn & grow my skills and further my professional development. Despite the circumstances of 2020 and the classes being virtual, I was able to learn so much as the instructors were accommodating with everyone's learning styles. I am grateful to Michigan Works! for their support and guidance as well. I have been able to use the skills I have learned at Global IT at my current role at an esteemed organization. I genuinely recommend Global Information Technology to anyone interested in learning new skills & furthering their career goals. Thank you. Sincerely, Snigdha Suvarna

Sonal Shirodkar

Through this letter I want to thank Mr. Manish Modi and Global information Technology ( GIT) for helping me restart my career. I was working in the IT field and took a break for family reasons. After being a full time mom for 11 years, I recently decided to restart my career and wanted to get myself trained in ASP .NET. During my search for training institutions, I was referred to Global Information Technology by a friend of mine. I set up an appointment and met Manish. Manish was very friendly, well aware of the market demands and provided me with all the necessary information. He also encouraged me and reassured me of the importance of training. Even after my training was over he was very helpful to guide me from time and again. I started my training in May 2012. My course was very well outlined and my instructor was very knowledgeable with the subject matter. He shared his field experience which helped me gain a perspective of the job demands for an ASP .NET developer. He answered all our queries and always went above and beyond to ensure that we grasped the concepts. He provided us with great reference material and follow up web links for further in depth study. The labs at GIT are very well equipped and the GIT staff is very co-operative. This course definitely opened doors for me. In a matter of 4 months I was able to secure a job locally and am currently working as a web developer. I am very glad that I decided to get trained at GIT. According to me, GIT is the step in the right direction. Thank you GIT !

Soraya Meri

I was fortunate to meet Manish, the Director of Global-IT, and started to discuss classes that would assist me with Project Management, as a Training Consultant. My experience has been nothing but positive, but also, confidence building. My instructor was phenomenal who taught my PMP course. He not only is available any time, but is invested in your success, as is the school. I had access to resources that would cost me a small fortunate to obtain on my own. The class size is small, which allows for a lot of interaction. I would highly recommend taking a course to improve your skills, and make you more marketable. Thank you.

Stephanie Holley

June 2, 2020. Before Global Information Technology I found myself in a “great job market” with no callbacks on the dozens of applications I submitted to companies all over metro Detroit. I was in a particular bind because I had work experience AND a graduate degree, but all of the offers I received were well below my market value. I was looking to make a career shift and I must add that NONE of the callbacks or email responses aligned with my desired career goals. I enrolled in the Certified Business Analyst and Professional Management Professional programs. The in depth instruction was immersive and easy to follow. I also enrolled in the Database Administration program to build my technical knowledge base. With the additional education through Global Information Technology, I updated my resume as my knowledge base grew and I continued to send applications. Then a recruiter reached out to me with a Business Analyst position requiring my exact skillset! I have been able to easily translate my GIT education from the classroom to my work role and it has definitely made me a “Rockstar” on my team. Thank you Global Information Technology!! Stephanie Holley

Steve Hughes

To the Global Information Technology Team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your entire team for the excellent IT training that I have received. The hands on training and superb instructing have been invaluable. The staff at GIT has been extremely helpful in all manners. When I joined GIobal IT as a student in Sept 2009, I was without a job. With the help of your Placement division, I am now employed on a contract assignment with HP Enterprise Services, with the opportunity to be hired direct. In the 3 short months I have been with GIobal IT, the experience and training that I have received is nothing less that spectacular. Although, I still have a long road ahead of me, I know that I’m in good hands with your entire staff and that my future in the IT networking world looks brighter everyday. Thanks again for everyone’s support and hard work.

Steve Johnson

At college graduation, I thought that a major part of my life was behind me. I would finally get the opportunity to live out life the way I was advised as a child: go to school, get a degree, get a safe and secure job. Unfortunately, I didn't dare anticipate what was actually ahead of me: struggling to find employment, low, substandard pay (in comparison to tuition, time spent, and my level of expertise), and not being able to feed myself or my family. After a decade in school and with a Master's degree in my hand, I was essentially unsuccessful and failing those I loved. I was suffocated by student loan debt, saddled with limited options, and had no clear direction for relief until I found Global Information Technology. At Global IT, I found kindness, breadth of knowledge, and authentic concern for my well-being. From my very first training consultation, I knew that this is where I wanted to take my next step. I not only benefited from the small class size, but the teachers always made themselves more than available and had real, relevant knowledge to share, not just "book" knowledge. Also, the staff has not only been supportive, but some I can honestly say are now my friends. Further, and very important, I appreciate Global IT's ability to help me transition quickly into the workforce. Whereas I spent 10 years within one field and felt like I was drowning, at Global IT, after only six weeks, I'm in a new job, in a new career field with likeminded people, and have ample opportunity for advancement and pay raises. Honestly, after this short amount of time, I'm just starting, and my pay is already the same as with the Master's degree. The way I see it, you can spend 10 years following potentially advice that did not produce the intended results, or you can spend a month and half and find yourself in a new career with certifications and advancement opportunities that could literally take you to any place around the world! Now, I can help provide for those I love and they can finally and surely see me how I see myself, succeeding, winning, and on the road to better.

Stewart Sykes

I am writing to thank all of the hardworking individuals at Global IT. Without your support, it would not have been possible for me to make such a smooth career transition. After being laid off from the tool making industry, I had the opportunity to enroll in the program at GIT. With a family to support, it was an awful risk making a 180 degree career change. However, it soon became apparent that it was the best decision of my life. I am still currently enrolled in the Networking Professional program and it has already begun to pay off for me. I have obtained my CompTIA A+ and MCP certifications, and am getting ready to take the CCNA exam very soon. Recently, I accepted a position with The Sedona Group replacing servers at a well known, nationwide insurance company. I will continue my MCSE 2003 certification class at night, but now I have a job with much more potential than what I was doing before my layoff. Without the assistance of your company and the scholarship program through the State of Michigan, my family and I would have joined the thousands of people fleeing Michigan in search of a job. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication, and for the chance to have a more promising future, not only for me but for my whole family.

Tiffanie Bradley

My name is Tiffanie Bradley; I was a Mainframe Programmer Analyst by profession and was laid off from Compuware Corporation in 2004. I have been in the Information Technology (IT) field for over 15 years and have experienced a successful career. Upon being laid off and seeking further employment, I recognized that my skills were no longer competitive for the current job marketing in Information Technology - my skills had become outdated. I received my Bachelors Degree over 15 years ago and had not received additional training that would help me to move forward or even maintain good standing in my chosen field. I know that I needed additional training, so I began to look for schools. I found Global Information Technology (GIT) and scheduled an appointment. The staffs at GIT were very helpful and influential in helping me determine an educational tract that would be suitable for me, considering my background, and what would be best for me in the future. I joined Java Professional, Oracle 9i DBA and the Web Pro courses. As per the advice and guidance given by career advisor at Global IT, I was able to get a grant to cover the entire cost of the program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! GIT offered help and support beyond what I ever expected. They believe in forming relationships and assisting their students in the complete process of development for a career. In fact, they develop and reposition them for something greater than was previously achieved! Their propensity to provide aid, information and resources along with constant support and encouragement has helped me to successfully learn new technologies as well as effectively master my courses. I finally succeeded in landing a job as an Advance Programmer Analyst at the end of all my classes, which runs a complete Oracle shop. This position is a full-time permanent position with a company located in Troy. Thank you GIT for caring and sharing your resources to help professionals become more competitive in today’s job market. I could not have done it without your help! I would recommend this school and services to anyone in need of good, caring IT professional training.

Timothy Hughes

I would like to express why I would recommend Global Information Technology (Global-itech) to anyone who wishes to further their career in the Information Technology. I have been in the IT field for over twenty years. In July of 2010, HP made the decision to reduce their staff and subsequently gave me only two months to find other opportunities within HP. Unfortunately I was unable to do so, so I decided to further my education. In August 2010 I enrolled and began taking classes in an Alterative Energy program a local community college. I was doing well in the classes and felt confident that I could have made a career out of it. Meanwhile I applied to a federal program through Michigan Works that a friend suggested that would cover the cost of my tuition and books for up to three years. I did apply, and was accepted into the program. At that point I had a decision to make because I was enjoying what I was learning about. In addition, I had already paid in advance for the classes in the Alternative Energy program. The only drawback was that I would not have been able to find employment for two years. So I spoke with a former co-worker who at that time was enrolled at Global-itech, and was very satisfied with training. I met with Manish Modi at Global –itech and he explained that I was eligible for their IT Expert Professional – Ultimate program, which included training for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Linux+, and other certification’s. I decided to use the Michigan Works program to take classes with Global-itech. Needless to say it has turned out to be the best choice me. One week after enrolling this program I received a call for a job interview. In my interview, I only informed them of the certifications that I was seeking to achieve, including the CompTIA A+ class I would be starting in December of 2010. I was offered the position and started in December of 2010. I have since obtained my CompTIA A+ certification. I am currently in rolled in the Microsoft MCITP: Enterprise Administrator and Oracle DBA programs. A side benefit for me is that I have been trying set aside time to study for two Design exams towards completing my Microsoft MCSE. The MCTIP class for Active Directory (AD) has helped me to prepare for the MCSE AD Design exam. My current MCTIP class is for 2008 Network Infrastructure. This is going to help me prepare for the MCSE Infrastructure Design exam. The training that I have received at Global Information Technology has benefited me thus far by enhancing my skill set and knowledge to support Windows 2003/ Windows 2008 server environments and got me a good paying job. Thank you Global Information Technology.

Timothy Taylor

I would like to take this opportunity to show my heart-felt appreciation and my learning experience at Global Information Technology (Global IT). I had recently left the military and was floundering with no real valid prospects and not sure what my next steps would be. I met with a knowledgeable Global IT Career Advisor who assessed my talents and I decided to I enroll the NSEP program. I started my training in May 2015 of this year, joining Comp TIA A+, CompTIA Network+. Immediately, I was impressed with the learning environment, class materials, and fellow students. The class size was appropriate to learn such a challenging course. I found the staff friendly, accommodating, and nurturing. It was obvious to me that they were interested in my success. The training lectures were very informative, and adaptive, even to students who are new in the Information Technology (IT) field. I also learned from other students in my class. The class base is very diverse with talented, experienced students who already worked in the IT field, and those that were new to the industry. Students collaborated with each other to complete theoretical and practical exercises. I especially want to commend my Instructor as one of the most knowledgeable trainers that I have had the experience to learn from. He is very patient with the students and he has answered every question that students asked of him this confirming his years of experience and expertise working and teaching in the IT field. He is highly qualified and certified in many areas, thus, the perfect person to teach every Networking class - from the most basic to the most advanced. And, he does it in a way that each person learns the materials fully. I am pleased to share that shortly after completing my CompTIA courses, I met with the Global IT Technical Placement Manager and was immediately placed with a Fortune 500 Company for a full-time IT Help Desk role. Further, as my program is designed to keep me up-to-date on the latest software and hardware platform changes – thus upward mobility is assured. I can see my future now - and it is Very Bright! Thank you GIT for changing my life.

Vijaykumar Patel

Global Information Technology: To whom it may concern: I was looking around for a training institution that offered Oracle 10g DBA program. I found only one school that offered this program at the best price and the right fit for me. The school name is Global Information Technology (Global I.T.). I still remember that moment when I first met with a Global I.T. career advisor. Global I.T. has one of the best professor/instructor I have ever had. My instructor was very knowledgeable about the Oracle subject. He made me feel confident that I was learning from a person who is very current and up-to-date in the Oracle technology and also will provide me with great insights and references. My instructor applied his knowledge acquired through real world experiences and he gave us real world scenarios. His instruction and the great services provided by Global I.T. helped me to change my life around. Whatever the career advisor explained to me when I first walked in the door was absolutely correct. From when I first enrolled in the program and now even when I have completed they have kept me in their thoughts. The Global I.T. staff is very friendly kind, sincere and they explain their training programs very thoroughly. Global I.T. is very well aware of the market demands and encourages prospective students to the right training and reassures their candidates of the benefits of the training and the right choice they have taken. I have been impressed by your student’s services, quality instructors, and the outstanding personnel relationships that I have formed. The labs are well equipped and the classes are conducted smoothly without any interference from faulty devices. I would definitely recommend Global I.T. to any student or person looking to pursue a career in I.T. Not only would I recommend the Oracle DBA track that I went thru I would defiantly recommend all of the programs. Global I.T. has to offer. They have left such an impression on me that I have already told all of my friends, colleagues, and family about them. Time and money spent here will be well justified and worth it. This is the best investment I have ever made. Currently, I am certified as an Oracle Certified Associate, and Oracle Certified Professional. I can say that my attachment with the Global Information Technology and their staff will be a lifelong relationship. They are now part of my family and are one of the best resources I have. This statement is from my heart and it says everything to me and hopefully it will help you in your decision making process.

Wesley Cicotte

8/10/2017. My experience Global Information Technology was something I wouldn’t trade for the world. When I went there looking for A+ Training, I had been jobless for eight months. I was desperate to find something, anything that would change my life. Global Information Technology did just that. After completing the training program there, I actually was hired as a Help Desk Associate with the school. The Career Advisor here, as well as all of the staff, helped guide me into my future career. I can’t stress how hopeless I was before I came here. No job, no hope, nothing. But even after one training class here and a bit of experience in the IT field, as well as assistance with our career advisor at Global IT, I am placed on full time assignment with benefits as a Help Desk Technician. Global IT ensured that my future would be financially secure, and I’ll never forget the opportunities they provided. Thank you for helping me in getting me into the IT world. Wesley Cicotte

Weston Tatem

I want to thank Global Information Technology for assisting with my job search and training needs. With the help of Michigan Works I was able to attend the Network Engineering Professional training class, consisting of CompTIA A+ and Network+, Microsoft desktop and server operating systems, Linux and Cisco CCNA. I am very impressed with all my teachers, labs, open door policy and resources provided by the school. I plan on attending some more Microsoft and Cisco training starting in January 2017 in an effort to stay current in the IT industry.   For anyone pursuing a career in IT, I would recommend Global Information Technology because it provides high quality cost-saving hands on training and exceptional job placement for its students. I have been working with  Job Placement services  to find me employment and I have been offered a contract position with top  fortune 500 company here in Michigan. This is one school that I know of that cares about the success of its students. Whether you are a current, former or returning student you can come to Global Information Technology to receive job placement, support or repeat classes as a refresher.   I also want to thank the entire staff at Global Information Technology for taking the time to address my needs as an IT professional. Everyone I spoke with has played a role in helping me re-enter the workforce and get my career back on track.

William Dicks

I am writing this letter with the utmost sincerest appreciation, respect and regard for the staff and faculty at Global Information Technology. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for everything you have done for me. When I began at GIT, I was unsure about a few things: the means to reach my goal and complete this training successfully, and even more so how I was going to provide funding. The one thing I knew for certain--I was very motivated and eager to learn about my chosen career path. I received tremendous hospitality and professionalism from career advisor at Global IT who understood my desire to learn and supported it wholeheartedly. His expertise on subject knowledge and market awareness gave me the confidence I needed to commit to the training. The completion of my chosen coursework has indeed prepared me for new plateaus and greater achievements ahead. With the well-trained and completely knowledgeable experience of my Oracle instructor, I know I am totally ready for my new chosen career. I am now working for the University of Michigan as a Database Administrator/ Applications Server Administrator. He completely understood my passion to learn and his desire to project his profound knowledge has truly made a great impression on me for many years to come. I wish everyone all the best at GIT. With all that you have done for me, the least I can do is return the favor by committing myself to a profession that I know will be rewarding for me for many years. I can humbly and tearfully say thank you for everything you have done indeed.

William Jones

9/30/2020 G.I.T, Global Information Technology, one the "stomping grounds", for me to get a head-start in my career in IT was very foundational. Coming from where I did-nonetheless, how I did, this school was 'almost' like a sanctuary for me to tune in, stay focused, and connect with individuals from all walks of life pursuing the same goal in mind. With an aim to pursue the career best fit for them. Staff were awesome, teachers' will work with students, who show-up, and ask questions, and lastly. I appreciate all who took part in helping me through-out my journey and those who still do show support to see me be the best me I can be in this field. GOGITGO Sincerely, William Jones "There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship." --Thomas Aquinas

William Kolis

In December 2008, I found myself parting ways with my employer of the last 22 years. I had become rather specialized in the Lotus Notes field and found that computer skill no longer in high demand and the entire IT job market rather depressed. Several months later, I became aware of Global Information Technology and the programs that it had to offer in networking technologies. I was looking to get valuable training and follow it by taking computer industry certification exams. Quite honestly, I compared it to other local computer school programs and found that dollar for dollar, Global Information Technology was hard to beat. Upon examining the school, I spoke with my account manager and asked if I could sit in on one of the classes before I committed myself to the program. I found the instructor to be knowledgeable, the labs well-equipped, and I was impressed with what I saw. I immediately enrolled in the Network Administration program and have been very satisfied with my decision. Global Information Technology offers a wide variety of information technology programs. Classes are available covering the entry level to computers, the use of Microsoft Office applications, web design and development. Also, many IT professional disciplines are available, such as Oracle database, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCITP, and many more. I personally found the networking curriculum to be outstanding. The instructors are top-notch and class sizes are small and personable. I am pleased with my account manager, who has given me advice and has often gone the extra mile for me. The class environment is comfortable, and I have found good camaraderie among my classmates. The curriculum schedule is very flexible with classes offered both day and night, seven days per week. I was very pleased that with each class that prepares you for certification, GIT will provide a voucher for you to take the test at no charge to the student. That is a very valuable inclusion that could cost a student a couple hundred dollars per test if he had to pay for it himself. Certification is a very valuable method that can prove to your employer, or potential employer, that you have mastered a subject. I have been attending the school almost two years now, and I have achieved multiple certifications during that time. Global Information Technology also has a career placement office. They often hold seminars or one-on-one sessions to assist students in resume building, interviewing techniques, and actual job placement. I recently started a new position as a Network Engineer with US Army position in Warren, and I was made aware of the opening there through GIT. In conclusion, I am pleased with my education and experience at Global information Technology and would recommend its consideration for a good quality education.

Willie M. Williams

My name is Willie M. Williams, I became unemployed after nine years of service to one of the big three companies in April 2009. The majority of my department (ISS) was terminated indefinitely. I thought to myself, ok, I’ll just find another job in the IT field because I knew I had a Master’s degree (even post-doctoral credits) and was well experienced to qualify. After four months of sending hundreds of resumes, I did not receive one interview. Six months later, I became worried and depressed because my savings were diminishing quickly. For months after being told I am either over qualified or I had to have an IT certification for any job, I knew just having a Master’s degree was no longer secure. The only way for me to get another job in the IT field was to go back to school and study for IT Certifications. Being unemployed is difficult because I was used to getting up every morning to utilize my skills. I enjoyed my career immensely. With unemployment, I was getting four times less the money I was making when I was employed. It seemed unfair! I slowly begin to lose things that took me over decades to purchases and payoff. In September 2009, I lost my home and my car and with no other option, was forced to file bankruptcy. I fail into a depressive state. I wanted to go back to school, but I did not have the funds. Then, I learned about a pilot program in Michigan named Michigan Works, “No Workers Left behind.” This program was designed to pay the tuition for under paid employees and dislocated workers. I qualified, then I met with a case worker named Roslyn Bradley and she told me it takes over three months to get processed through the program. Once I got processed, I could select the school of my choice (as long as it was approved by the State of Michigan). I reflected on taking IT courses at a technical school when I was employed, and I was very impressed with the school practices. To my surprise, I found that school “Global Information Technology” in Southfield, MI listed as one of the approved training schools on the roster. Since it was in the middle of the normal school semester, I thought I had to wait until the funding was process through the Michigan works Program. I thought to myself, if I had to wait another two or three months for the new school semester to start, depression would have really taken its hold on my life. I could not wait any longer. I contact the school and met with the Account Manager. He understood my frustration and he could hear how depressed I way in my voice. After we talked about my plan of action while attending GIT, and reviewing my resume, he was impressed with my passion and determination for education. In February 2010, I started my first class. Throughout the program, I was able to obtain five industry-level certifications: A+/Security+/Network+/ CISCO and several MCTS. In addition, I have passed two of three required courses for the MCITP Server 2008 certification. Using this training and the certifications, I edited and redistributed my resume. In October 2010, I found long-term full time employment with a government contracting house which offered me a good salary and a generous benefit package. I work at the Warren Department of Defense Army Network Engineering Center as an Information Technology Specialist. Being unemployed is a humiliating experience. It took nearly eighteen months to find a job, while going back to school. Although my current position pay less than my former job, the benefits are great and I really look forward to waking up in the morning again and doing what I chose to do, IT! Special thanks go out to Roslyn Brantley, of Michigan Works, Manish Modi and Esa Khalid of Global Information Technology for reaching out your hands and saying “Come in, yes, if you are willing, we will help you.” Willie M. Williams

Zackery Finn

In the beginning of this year I lost my job as a landscaping and gardening supply store operations manager when the store, Detroit Farm and Garden, went out of business. After reviewing the Web site and visiting a few of the institutions, I decided to enroll at Global Information Technology. I was impressed with this school's longevity in the IT training world and the number of satisfied alumni that posted positive testimonials about their experiences at the school. I was even more impressed with the school when I had a chance to sit down with the school's director, Mr. Manish Modi. He took the time to sit down with me personally, review my history and resume, and develop a program that was a perfect fit with my experience and goals. The quality of the instructors and helpfulness of the support staff was excellent; combining years of real-world IT work experience and classroom instruction, years of contacts and resources in the Metro-Detroit IT industry, they definitely prepared me to not only pass my certification exams (to date I have achieved my A+ certification, and am preparing to take my Network+ exam at the end of this month [09/18]) but found me  full-time IT employment even before I completely finished my training! If it were not for the excellent training and services at Global Information Technology, I would not have the position I have today but would still be hopelessly scrolling through want ads, unemployed. Global Information Technology  is a great asset for both Metro-Detroit and the State of Michigan, and I am very grateful that they took a chance on me and allowed me to start on this exciting and rewarding new career path.

Zsombor Zoltan

Greetings! I am a currently a student taking courses at Global Information Technology, a company that offers a complete suite of modern, relevant computer software, network and personal computer hardware training. Class sizes are small with extensive hands-on instruction. The company provides instruction in the most up-to-date software and information technologies and teaches using the most current versions of software products. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced both in their respective subject matter and in their teaching capabilities. They are very enthusiastic and helpful. The class rooms have fastest PC’s utilizing the latest Virtual Machine based environments to access the various different software products. Remote access to the Virtual Machine server allows you the ability to do homework on projects, if necessary. Courses as diverse as Oracle DBA, JAVA, Web design (including HTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash), A+ certification and many more are offered. In addition, extensive job preparation and job search facilitation is provided by Global Information Technology to help you get the position to which you will find yourself well qualified. Both evening and daytime classroom hours are available. The hands-on experience includes project cycle development and all classes prepare you for professional certification exams. The teachers are friendly and engaging. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the education I have received at Global Information Technology and highly recommend this educational company to you.
Feel free to call us Toll Free: 866-GO-GIT-GO (866-464-4846).

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