8/10/2017. My experience Global Information Technology was something I wouldn’t trade for the world. When I went there looking for A+ Training, I had been jobless for eight months. I was desperate to find something, anything that would change my life. Global Information Technology did just that. After completing the training program there, I actually was hired as a Help Desk Associate with the school. The Career Advisor here, as well as all of the staff, helped guide me into my future career.

I can’t stress how hopeless I was before I came here. No job, no hope, nothing. But even after one training class here and a bit of experience in the IT field, as well as assistance with our career advisor at Global IT, I am placed on full time assignment with benefits as a Help Desk Technician.

Global IT ensured that my future would be financially secure, and I’ll never forget the opportunities they provided.

Thank you for helping me in getting me into the IT world.

Wesley Cicotte

First of all I would like to start out by saying a big  thank you to Global Information Technology who not only provided me with my CompTIA A+ and Network+ training, however they helped me to get full time employment with benefits. The Director at Global Information Technology requested, I try and get some funding from Michigan Works in Dearborn, Michigan. I was absolutely excited to hear that they would pay for my training in full. Global Information Technology made every step of the way pleasant for me, with the ease of the registration process, to the training and job placement. I remember, once I had the approval they got me enrolled and set up with the best schedule for me. In just 8 weeks who knew my  career and life would be flipped and change for the better. They not only provide great training however, they provided the best resume workshop I have ever attended. Less than a week after, the work shop I found myself working in the IT field. 

Now, I am A+ certified and will be taking my Network+ in the next couple weeks. I am happy to tell you that I am currently working as an IT help desk technician and excited about my future as well as my new career.

This is an great day to say the educational experience has given me and my family an ultimate way knowing how lives can change through information as well as information technology. I don’t really have much to say on this matter because the challenges, the grinding work effort was a part of my personality since day one although the confidence to have others to believe in your constructive work ethic and show positive outcomes that give an great assurance to what is really taking place can move mountains. I really enjoy the staff and instructors and look forward to do great things for many many years to come. As this is not only an partnership this is our family who are bearing all different types of nationalities that believe in  something that actually works. Again I thank you for everything you have given to me and my family. God Bless!!

I was a veteran who wanted to start a second career in IT.  I had a bad experience with another computer training company, which actually had me about ready to quit, I was introduced to Global Information Technology by my VA counselor and the rest is ALL GOOD!


Global IT has been proactive on my behalf since the day we met and I thank him for pushing me, encouraging me and believing in me.  They  assists me with any barriers I have in pursuing my educational goals.


I have taken A+, Networking, Security and am currently in the Microsoft Office 2016 class.   I am learning invaluable skills which I am actually using on a job that I have gotten since starting at Global IT.  My current employer was thrilled when they heard about my course work and educational endeavors. 


I could not be happier or prouder to be associated with Global Information Technology and would recommend this organization to anyone based on my personal experience with them.  TOP NOTCH PROFESSIONALS.


I am very satisfied and have found a HOME at GLOBAL IT!

I want to thank Global Information Technology for assisting with my job search and training needs. With the help of Michigan Works I was able to attend the Network Engineering Professional training class, consisting of CompTIA A+ and Network+, Microsoft desktop and server operating systems, Linux and Cisco CCNA. I am very impressed with all my teachers, labs, open door policy and resources provided by the school. I plan on attending some more Microsoft and Cisco training starting in January 2017 in an effort to stay current in the IT industry.


For anyone pursuing a career in IT, I would recommend Global Information Technology because it provides high quality cost-saving hands on training and exceptional job placement for its students. I have been working with  Job Placement services  to find me employment and I have been offered a contract position with top  fortune 500 company here in Michigan. This is one school that I know of that cares about the success of its students. Whether you are a current, former or returning student you can come to Global Information Technology to receive job placement, support or repeat classes as a refresher.


I also want to thank the entire staff at Global Information Technology for taking the time to address my needs as an IT professional. Everyone I spoke with has played a role in helping me re-enter the workforce and get my career back on track.

I’d just like to thank you and Global Information Technology for getting my career back on the right track.

I had been unemployed for nearly 2 years after being laid off from ACCESS and I have been trying to find the right job. Couple months after applying to the unemployment, Michigan Works office approved me training grants under WIOA program. With some personal research, I have schedule an appointment with career advisor Khaled who advised me to start training in Business Analyst and Project Management.

During training in Project Management, I was able to learn a lot from the great instructor. At the same time your school was helping me to get the best job that meets requirements. Your placement services manager with his great experience in job experience and resume workshop, started working with me step by step to achieve my dream. Your school provided me and the other students several one to one meeting where we received instruction on job search, ways on how we can contact hiring manager and reviews for the resume to ensure it is the best. Moreover, Mr. Jason was performing several resume workshop where he invited recruiter to show them our skills. He followed up with me on daily basis to ensure I am doing the right things on job search and following up with recruiter. He did forward my resume to the right recruiter who can help me. Because of his instructions and connections I was able to get a job Interview with GM. This is all because all your dedicated team, staff and knowledgable instructors did help prepare for this job interview and got hired at an excellent pay rate and benefits.

Your school has the great instructor with the great skills who can help students become an expert in the subject they are studying. My PMP instructor who provides training for Project Management is one of them. This person is excellent in explaining everything to the students and teaching them what they really need to become expert. He provides student with all information and resources to pass their test and get a job.

Of course, I can’t forget all the hard work and time you did to follow up with me and make sure I am doing the right thing on my job search.

Global IT is not just a school for training, it is the best place for anyone who is looking to earn experience, certification and find the right job. Thank you for changing my life.

I am writing this letter to inform you of my learning experience at Global Information Technology. I enrolled into your Network +, Security +, Linux +, SQL, Oracle 12C Database Administrator, MCSA 2012, CCNA, Web Pro, and Microsoft Office 2013 classes from March 2015 through June 2016. Immediately, I was impressed with the learning environment, class materials, fellow students, and the instructors. The class sizes were appropriate for the difficulty of the courses. Your staff is very friendly and they work hard to help the students succeed. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable in their perspective fields and did not hesitate to cover material below the difficulty of the courses to ensure that all the students were ready to take the new responsibilities in the work force. The lectures were very informative and very easy to follow. Combined with the lectures and hands on training students from all backgrounds learn at an accelerated pace with the confidence to be able to perform the tasks in a real world environment. I also learned from other students in my classes. The class base is very diverse with talented, experienced students who worked in the IT field and those that were new to this field.

Mr. Abdul is one of the most knowledgeable instructors that I have learned from. He is very patient with the students and he has answered every question that students have asked him. This shows his experience working and teaching in the IT field. He is highly qualified to teach anyone learning Network+, MCTS, Security +, and Windows Server Administration MCSA 2012.

When I started attending class at GIT I was a level one machine operator. Only three months into attending your programs you were able to place me in a Technical Support with Hewett Packard, one of the top fortune 500 companies in the world. Within another three month you gave me the knowledge and confidence to become a mentor and trainer for HP. Now almost a year later we are still working together to build upon my skill set to go for the next opportunity. Not only has GIT helped me learn new technologies they have also taught me how to better network myself using social media, resume building, and how to create a strong personal network with my co-workers and fellow students. In the future I know that I can depend on GIT to further my education and to help find future employment opportunities.

Thank you for changing my life and bringing me back to civilian life. I know my future is bright now.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for providing the training and resources needed to get my career in Information Technology (IT) off to a great start. Having experienced a variety of jobs previously – including a stint as a Mortgage Officer for a large local Bank, and my prior Military service, so I had not prepared myself for a career in IT. I must confess, this field was an entirely new experience for me. All of my instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and great mentors. And, they were available to assist and encourage me whenever needed. Their knowledge of the subject matter is incredible and unsurpassed, and they all were experienced in training others for the maximum success!

Further, I was also skeptical regarding the amount of available employment opportunities for an Entry-level IT Specialist. But, within a few months of getting CompTIA A+ certified, I had a help desk job offered to me through your Global IT Career Placement. Gained valuable experience and confidence in that assignment and since then, have recently accepted taken a job as a Network Administrator – with an upwardly-mobile company located in Southfield Michigan. My goal is to eventually become a fully certified Network Engineering Professional. With the knowledge gained from my Global IT training, and the practical experience gained on-the-job, this is definitely now an attainable goal.

Thank you Global IT for my newly acquired skills, and IT knowledge – and changing my career. As a result, I am now a certified IT Professional.

My name is Ruth Byrd. I would like to take this opportunity to convey the meaningful connections between my professional past and the skills that I acquired from the Global IT training experience. Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support that is so eagerly shared for our growth, as not only students, but also as global citizens of society. I am grateful for the investment that was made into my life by the staff of Global Information Technology. The Global IT staff made me feel authentically supported when someone would say, “Please let me know how I can be helpful” and genuinely mean it. I learned so much while at Global IT that prepared me for my current position. I look back on that time as so important in the development of the person that I am today. I have learned not only “to make better software but to make software better”.

Explaining long career gaps like mine (9 years) is difficult. So, I focused my attention on retooling, in June 2013, I began the intensive Global IT Oracle DBA program to enhance and modernize my skills. My job search in the down turned economy, even with my demonstrated experience and expertise without additional current credentials, was almost pointless. But the Global IT staff was always patient, took the time to listen and helped me to navigate the job market. All of the encouragement and endless career support have not been in vain. I am currently working as a Business Analyst in a Fortune 100 Automotive Manufacturer where I am directly supporting the goal and am helping to move the long-range vision for the organization forward.

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Global Technology Information (GIT) to any technical inclined person who is seeking to become a top-notch Information Technology Technician (ITT). GIT is a unique technology school that I had the pleasure of attending. It is true that it is dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective training to the local community and business enterprises. It conveyed an important edge of forward-thinking and innovation to my career. My profession is in the area of technical software, hardware, IT service, tech support, network, cloud computing, and technology; and GIT have heightened my set of expectations in this field. GIT is harnessed to support educational goals at an affordable cost. They have great potential for knowledge dissemination, effective learning and the development of more efficient education services.

Naturally, I must bring attention to the consistently good academic cultural and environment that was displayed amongst it highly qualified instructors. GIT is an exceptional technical school that will bring the best out of a student. Moreover, I am proud to say that it brought the best out in me. It is an honest and energetic school and likes to help students. Thanks to the GI Bill for supporting my education at GIT.

Without any reservations, I highly recommend Global Information Technology ( GIT) to anyone who is striving to become a highly-qualified IT Professional.

I was fascinated to work as an IT Technology Professional since grade school, but I had no clue where to start. After graduating from a community college with a degree in Computer Information Systems, I still found myself confused to jump right into IT career without accruing sufficient amount of knowledge and hands on experience. There were times I spent my own wealth of peace/hard earned money to attend Technology Seminars to stay focused, driven and socially advanced with IT Professionals, whom currently working in their designated field. After seminars I would maintain follow up communication with those individuals and never hesitant to ask what approaches should I take in order to become an IT Professional.

Nevertheless, I started looking through internet blogs, LinkedIn and other publically shared sites recently after that I’ve heard about WIA funding offered by Michigan Works. Considering this opportunity with Michigan Works, I visited GIT and met program Director who set down with me and actually listened to my Career goals what I’m trying to accomplish. After my briefing about my perspective IT career and the right education planning, Manish analyzed and proposed to me his expert ideas about pursuing Technical Education by enrolling into Network Engineering Professional program here at Global Information Technology. The structures of the courses were designed to teach you intense technology from A+, Network+ to implement onto a real world hands on in-class activities : Installing and configuring Microsoft Server with all necessary roles and services and configuring new CiSCO Switch/Routers from scratch.

GIT’s instructors are working IT professionals with real world hands-on expertise. Therefore, when you’re learning from the best and actually implementing what you’ve learned it’s the most important part of learning process and GIT follow just that. GIT’s ultimate goals were to educate student with dedication to help better their future by providing quality education. After graduating from Global Information Technology, I was offered a position as Systems Analyst at Magna Systems International making sufficient amount of money to sustain a level of confidence without having to worry about financial obligations. I worked for Magna for 1 ½ year, than accepted position with Hewlett Packard as Level 2 Engineer administering SharePoint (MOSS) Exchange Server Farm 2007 and presently working as ITSM Plant Operation Local Domain Support for fortune 500 Global Automotive Manufacturing Corporation. It has been a diverse/adventurous journey exploring my successful career and it’s my utmost privilege to recommend Global Information Technology my Technical school of choice and to all other current, perspective and future IT professional to pursue with the right education from Global information Technology.

I was a Computer Technician with a major Corporation for 33 years when organization downsizing impacted my career. After 33 years, it was hard to fathom unemployment not to mention what to do next. I was angry, frustrated, and upset! After a few calming days of contemplation and a few weeks of unsuccessful job searches, I realized that an update to my technical skills could make me more marketable and employable. With a new resolve, I turned that anger to motivation and a new desire to succeed! I was referred to Global Information Technology (Global IT) and introduced to a program that was “on target” with my goals and aspirations. I made a decision on the to start my re-training as soon as possible. And with a little help from a Michigan Works grant, I began my training as a Network Engineering Professional in January of 2013.

Today, I have completed my training in CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, MCITP and CCNA. I have also recently completed industry-level certifications in CompTIA A+ and Network+ and I will complete my MCITP training in a few weeks. Further, I am currently on target to get my CompTIA Security+, and CCNA certifications by the Summer of 2014.

I too am amazed at the confidence I have now and even more impressed with the new skills I have acquired. I immediately found a part-time job at Network Dynamics and in January 2014, I was hired to a full-time position in my field with Chrysler Corporation which includes great pay and excellent benefits!

I am extremely grateful to Michigan Works for the grant that enabled me to fulfill my dream, and the Global IT Staff for their ongoing support and encouragement which led me to reach my training goals.

I now see a bright future ahead!

Feel free to call us Toll Free: 866-GO-GIT-GO (866-464-4846).

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