Thursday Nov 26 2015
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Course Name: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Course Number: CETH-0-0100


Firm understanding of the Windows Operating System, a basic familiarity with Linux, grasp of the TCP/IP protocols, and a desire to learn about the hacking and network security profession, stay ethical, and get great security training!


Global Information Technology is an EC-Councilís Authorized Training Partner. The Certified Ethical Hacker Training Course teaches students how to think and act like a hacker in order to identify the weaknesses in their organizationís network before malicious intruders can take advantage of them. By learning the same methodologies and tools used by hackers, as well as the ethics of white hat hacking, students return to the office with the skills to provide real evidence of weaknesses and real assurance that current controls are working properly.

This instructor led training will teach you how to put technical skills into practice as you get hands-on training from respected security professionals. Students who attend the Training Course will return to the office with a practical skill set and the knowledge needed to pass the CEH exam.

This course will significantly benefit security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. Why Certified Ethical Hacker? Computers around the world are systematically being victimized by rampant hacking. This hacking is not only widespread, but is being executed so flawlessly that the attackers compromise a system, steal everything of value and completely erase their tracks within 20 minutes.

What you will learn:

Run hacking attacks in our classroom labs, be a hacker for a week, some of the hacking concepts you will learn to master during this hands on hacking course, penetration testing methodologies, stealthy network recon, passive traffic identification, remote root vulnerability exploitation, privilege escalation hacking, IPv6 Vulnerabilities, remote access trojan hacking, running shellcode in RAM vs. on disk, wireless insecurity, breaking IP-based ACLs via spoofing, abusing Windows Named Pipes for Domain Impersonation, evidence removal and anti-forensics, attacking network infrastructure devices, hacking by brute forcing remotely, hiding exploit payloads in jpeg and gif image files, hacking Web Applications, breaking into databases with SQL Injection, cross Site Scripting hacking, hacking into Cisco routers, justifying a penetration test to management & customers, CEH/CPT review, defensive techniques

Course Content:

Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Module 02: Hacking Laws
Module 03: Foot printing
Module 04: Google Hacking
Module 05: Scanning
Module 06: Enumeration
Module 07: System Hacking
Module 08: Trojans and Backdoors
Module 09: Viruses and Worms
Module 10: Sniffers
Module 11: Social Engineering
Module 12: Phishing
Module 13: Hacking Email Accounts
Module 14: Denial of Service
Module 15: Session Hijacking
Module 16: Hacking Webservers
Module 17: Web Application Vulnerabilities
Module 18: Web Based Password Cracking Techniques
Module 19: SQL Injection
Module 20: Hacking Wireless Networks
Module 21: Physical Security
Module 22: Linux Hacking
Module 23: Evading IDS, Honeypots and Firewalls
Module 24: Buffer Overflows
Module 25: Cryptography
Module 26: Penetration Testing Methodologies

Duration: 40 Hours
Tuition: Call for Specials!
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Exam Overview
Course Schedule
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